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Advanced Metaphysical Online Course, advanced personal and spiritual development

After Portal 3 keep expanding with

Portal 4: Jumping the Matrix

Jumping the Matrix is an adventure in the Non-Physical. Now you're stable, can handle your emotions, and assimilate big energy, so let's go! Can be done simultaneously with Portal 5.  $309

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"I have become a witness to the thinker and have a grasp of the instrument panel, so with that being said I am able to navigate JTM easily, and the unfolding of who I really am is so beautiful! One of the benefits I have experienced is I have received 2 promotions in 2 years and 3 raises in 8 months with no effort! None, zip, zilch! Just sweet appreciation and allowing!  Much love to you all!"

Cloud Nine.jpg much ease & flow now. A portal 4 audio gave me instant access to a generational belief buried in me. I thought "well this could take some time to 'heal.'" In the evening (!) I felt it had just gone... I felt like all my foremothers & forefathers danced with joy for finally freeing up. I could finally let love flow to my father AND receive it. I forgave him while reading your first book ... but what bliss to actually FEEL the love between us that never stopped flowing... 10 other things I could rave about... I sure did a good job manifesting you, Lola! 

spiritual witnessing

"Thank god I registered for Jumping the Matrix!!! After one of the first super intense Divine Openings I got from it I jumped the relationship matrix!!!! I let go of longstanding unworthiness in that area of my life, took my ex-boyfriend's face off of my desire for a partner, and a miraculous and COMPLETE turnaround took place in his desire for a committed relationship with me. " Jody, San Antonio, Texas
(They've now been happily married for many years.)

matrix jumping

"Jumping The Matrix made it so much easier for me to feel connected to my Larger Self and to stay in alignement with The Presence. For instance, whenever I listen to an audio  I feel instantaneously shot up the Instrument Panel into Love and Appreciation!"  Love,  

discover your hidden treasures

"There was so much energy moving just by registering. It was quite funny.  I LOVE JTM.  I do feel that this is what I have been creating on some back burner for some time. Thank you for being the ray of light that you are."


'"There is such a Divine Opening happening through those vibrations you are spreading that I can hardly describe my feelings and the clarity I get. I just took an evening walk in the park nearby and tears were running down my face, while I was full of joy, appreciation, love and curiosity about what I might create next...   I am open for further new job opportunities – and I am 61 now – but thanks to JTM I know, that it's all about raising my vibration and not about fear or being in panic."


"Looking at the art work in JTM I could see it in three dimensions, and the energies were moving, beautiful! So I entered.  It was fantastic. The colors were so intense and never seen here on earth.  The energies were moving; clearly I was in another dimension. It was so peaceful, so powerful. I can create whatever I want in this magnificent place. I know now I can go there any time I want." Thank you.

matrix jumping

"My love pipes open and I start to look with baby fresh eyes....raising some old, old, old vibrational habits. Lola, thank you for this course! I get it more and more: the best thing is to enjoy my ride, to surf the waves, to have fun, to laugh and to love being ON MY WAY and not to take score. I know we are on the leading edge with Divine Openings!!!!!! Thank you, Lola."  

1111 testimonials reviews Divine Openings

"Normally I only sent my ravings when something concrete had materialized. But today I want to rave just about the expansion, which happens for me, being in JTM, listening to both of your audios, to those in Mastery...and enjoying the Art of love & Sex – Tantra – Course.  OMG....what a thrilling way to go along in this time in this body on this planet - guided with what you offer!!! Every audio seems to be made for me."

stop over-empathing

"What an incredible experience, an energy I had never received through you before. I was totally engulfed in an energy, I was a flame being lit up from head to toe. I still feel it as if I am invincible.  Warm, loving energy.  The next morning, I had an energy through out my chest I can not describe for 3 days... I actually feel my large self more from that audio than I had ever before.  The energy, it returns as I think about it, a wonderful feeling.  Ascension, how awesome.  I am so thankful!" Love and gratitude,

light Divine Openings

"Hi Lola, Wow the energy in the first Jumping The Matrix module is very high and fast.  I am committing to grooving along with it. Going too fast can really knock me out (I tend to want to be a Hoover. Thank you for putting together such an incredible program."  Much love,

ease and flow

"I was sitting at my computer and all of a sudden in the left corner of my left eye a metal box turned upside down appeared from no where, and it was up towards the ceiling. The lid just popped open and I began to feel very ill, like I was going to vomit. I had been hoping to be able to quit smoking, and now when I think about smoking, I do not want to. Also, we saw a major miracle, many swirls of energy through out the sky, how intense was this!  Many things have taken place and I just love it."  Thank you so very much. 

Lola Jones metaphysical teacher

Advanced Metaphysical Online Experience

Blissful, Empowering, Expansive, Playful, and Real Personal and Spiritual Development

Your Large Self creates the perfect experience for you. If you need soft and gentle and gradual... it will be that way. You can take the course very slowly, enjoying the unfolding, savoring it for years to come. You will never experience anything you are not ready for.

More adventurous souls wanting acceleration will experience breathtaking thrills, and mind-blowing, limitation-shattering expansion.

Want to register now? Register top of page or inside Portal 3 when you're ready.

Ready to move through the next Portal?

Let's go!

You always register from INSIDE THE PREVIOUS COURSE in the sequence. Because we changed the sequence at one point, please make sure you take both Portal 2 & 3 first.... so you don't miss a bloomin' thing! You know by now that there is no value in rushing ahead!

JTM is a rich and long lasting course experience now. There are 27 modules, each packed full of groundbreaking, reality-busting material you'll delight in experiencing.

We know you love stimulation and inspiration on your path. Here's our advanced spiritual awakening online course you can do at home, at your pace, on your schedule.

JTM is completely new and unique from the other courses. AND we keep adding to it!

This 27 module online retreat course includes multi-media: audios, videos, music, body movement, movie clips, plus special new audios recorded live in the deep Presence of the 5-Day retreats, or in sessions.

Special audios that you can't purchase separately walk you step by step through the powerful new, leading-edge, Matrix-Jumping processes.

It's an infinitely big Universe, and not every place in it is worth exploring, so this course guides you to the most wonderful and productive places.

Step through this metaphysical Portal with us and let's explore just how malleable reality really is. Like Divine Openings, this isn't working on yourself, it's playing in this conscious adult amusement park called Life On Planet Earth. Your Large Self, and the powerful energies in this course do most of the "work" for you. Your job is to be willing, stay awake, be aware, feel, let it happen, and enjoy!
Now people who have thoroughly savored Portals 1 through 3 have the foundation to sail through JTM powerfully, smoothly, and blissfully. Deliciously savor the JTM experience. By the time you get to JTM, you're no longer rushing; you're relishing each moment, each module , not ever wanting each course to end. What a lovely way to live!
Jumping The Matrix takes you to a whole new level of power. Where before, you gained the ability to affect and transform your world, now you begin to create entirely new worlds. It will be as you and your Large Self designed. Some of you will perform miraculous feats--others of you will have more sweet, subtle miracles, and a quiet, but marvelous life, nonetheless. It's always, always, always about joy.

Ultimate Freedom Is Outside The Normal Matrix

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I Can't Say It Better Than This Video!

I could watch this video every day.

Sometimes I do. What a way to start the day, or the workday! Someone said, "This is how it is with Divine Openings, and especially Jumping The Matrix."

You literally have a "debit card" like this, but it's more like a Divine Debit Card. Once you've jumped the money matrix, gotten your worthiness, and completely let go to the flow, it's constantly replenishing. The more you spend, the more it flows. (Note: before you jump the money matrix, doing that can just get you deeper into debt. In JTM we talk about the "rules of different realities". Soon you'll be playing by different rules.)

The "economy" isn't real once you jump the money matrix. It is real while you're still in the old reality of the Matrix. Disease isn't real outside the Matrix. Inside the Matrix, a physical problem might require surgery, outside the Matrix it may not.

There is no single reality, as even scientists are finding. There are countless realities, and you get to decide, more than you ever imagined, which ones you inhabit. It’s different for each person, and there’s only a core of consensus reality that is the same for everyone. You don't have to play by those rules, though. You can reach escape velocity, and live however you want to. You literally get to invent which game you want to play.

Your Large Self knows all the rules (and how to break them,) the players, and pieces of the game, and guides you. The ultimate outcome is incredibly good, and moves you into freedom from ordinary reality itself.  It takes you to a dimension where magic becomes a commonplace occurence.

A portal opens, and you step through it, never to return. You begin to play on a larger playing field, claiming more and more of your unlimited power and mastery as you play. By experience, you discover that whatever happens, reality doesn't seem as real or immutable.

Oh, for all practical purposes, it's real in the moment; otherwise the game would be no fun. Playing poker for money is really different than playing for no stakes. When you care about your sports team it's more fun and adds more passion to watching the game. When the stakes are high the excitement rises, and the viewers lean forward in their seats. You came here for the contrast that doesn't exist in the non-physical.

We like for this life to seem real--that gives the game zing and substance. But at some point in the game, we begin to disassemble it and see what it's really made of. The more expansive, all-knowing part of us decides it’s time to shed the veil, shrug off the artificial limitations, wake up and wield more of our creative power. We find out firsthand what the mystics of old meant when they said it's all an illusion. And then we play with creating worlds more to our liking!

An advanced person wrote me recently asking if he could take JTM without doing the prerequisites. Here's what I quite humorously wrote: "I tried letting people who told me they were "advanced" do Jumping The Matrix first, but it didn't work well. First, most of the "spiritually advanced haven't actually learned about the Instrument Panel or opened their love pipes to their parents, so they got energy they weren't ready for.
And anyone who's in a hurry isn't as advanced as they think! Who wants to miss the joy of every step? We don't want to skip any phases of life and just fast forward to the big finale, do we? What's the rush?

In the movie, The Matrix, you swallow the red pill, and reality changes. Even though most things still look the same, sometimes things look "fresher", or just downright odd. You’re aware of a different reality than other people around you are experiencing. You have more power. Reality bends more easily for you. Things might disappear and reappear, or materialize out of thin air. You see things you never saw before. You transform.

Other people transform, even though you aren't doing anything. Money becomes a non-issue, no matter what the rest of the collective consciousness chooses to buy into. Something goes haywire, then when you reclaim your power from it, it resolves instantly. Reality warps and shifts in odd and wondrous ways. You probably have experienced a lot of this from Portals 1 and 2, but get ready for more.

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Course Module Overview


Module 1 - Hoovers, Movers, and Groovers - How to get the most out of this experience.

Module 2 - Lighten The Load For Blastoff - Letting go of what you know.

Module 3 - Presuppositions and Principles - Overview of the major tenets of the program.

Module 4 - Science, Reality By Agreement, Ancient Mind - How reality got real, the downside of Oneness.

Module 5 - So You Think You Know Who You Are? - God Realization: When you truly get that you're God in human form.

Module 6 - More on Who You Are - Letting Go Of Obstacles To Who You Are, I AM, Physics Of Illusion, The Game Of Life On Earth

Module 7 -  What You Want Is Already There - Your Power of Your Intention - Surf's UP!, Contradictory Intentions, Timing, Choice or Default

Module 8 - More It's Already There - Claim it All, Appreciate, The Reservoir, Meditate

Module 9 - What You Want Is Already There, cont. - Even Bigger Raves, Jumping Realities, Alternate You's

Module 10 - Pivot Point Games - Pivot Points, Jumping Back To A Crucial Pivot Point, Creating Pivot Points Consciously

Module 11 - Treasure Maps - Treasure Maps, Fear of Feeling, It's All Raw Power, Music Helps Move It, It's Moving, Adventure, The Void Meditation

Module 12 - Key Treasure Hunting Tools, & The New Diving In Process - Diving In For Treasure: FOUR NEW Diving In methods, Don't Wants, Do Wants, Language

Module 13 - Don't Want To Do Want, Power Language - Bigger Things, Judgment Glue, Double Whammy, Unpredictability Principle, Crime Scene Tape, Lola's Relationship Adventure, Clues, Detours

Module 14 - Super Rocket-Powered Appreciation - Appreciation, Play For Power, Wanted Or Not, It's All Manifesting, Rules of Reality, Test the Rules, Clues, Appreciating Debt

Module 15 - Reclaiming More And More Power - Stepping Stones Forever, Give Your Power Away Consciously, New Beyond Law of Attraction, New Contrast, Dreaming, Simply Ask, Expanding The Universe, There Are No Mistakes 

Module 16 - Jumping the Relationship Matrix - Relationship with Self, Self Soothing, You Source the Love, Great Relationships Made Better, Central Casting, Recasting, Cut From The Same Cloth

Module 17 - Your Relationship with Yourself - Your Relationship With Yourself, I Forgive You For Creating This, Stop Punishing, Past Tense, Shorthand Cues, Practices Are Meant To Be Outgrown, You Are Love, Music and Dance Moves Energy, Get On The Bus, Ways to Enjoy Your Perfect Partner Even More

Module 18 - There's No One Out There But You - Rigidity, Let Friends Help, The Mirror, Opposition, The Carrot, Power Games, Letting Go, Many Coins In Chest, Time, Shorthand Cues

Module 19 - What's Your Prime Catalyst? - The Relationship Summary, Those Darned Other Beings, Oh, That Little Grudge?, Enjoy The Lights Coming On, I Know And I Don't Know

Module 20 - Jumping The Body and Health Matrix - Move, Savor, Say Something, Softening, Heart Bursting from Fullness, I AM Review, EQ Review, Residues, Physical Conditions, Ease To Health, Powerful New Self Healing Method, Embody It, Nutrition/Exercise, How To Get Out Of The Way and Heal

Module 21 - Jumping The Money Matrix - Create Your Own Economy, Appreciation is Currency, Language, What Is Success and Prosperity, Feel, Taking Score, Repeat This Course (things are constantly added, I can never STOP!)

Module 22 - Keeping Up with the Energy - New Bath Ritual, It's All Good, Evolve By Choice, Create Outrageous Fortune, Time, Empty & Meaningless, Life Just Lifes

Module 23 - It's Still About Joy and Love - What Is It About For You?, The Waterslide Video

Module 24 - Constant Craving, Eternal Expanding - How to be happy where you are, and always excited about more. Deeper Things, Desires Fulfilled, Catapult, Limits

Module 25 - Playing For Fun - Waterslide, Worthiness and Joy, What others are experiencing.

Module 26 - More Power, More Subtle - (Can Lola stop adding modules? No.) It gets easier and more profound.

Module 27 - Feeling Great at Any Age, and Aging Blissfully - More on health, and conscious dying.

A ridiculously long list of testimonials...

Hi Lola, Some quick feedback on JTM: LOVE IT!!!!! I can really feel the amped-up energy, and I'm starting to flex my God-muscles....the feeling is very similar to the empowered feeling I got when my self-worth started to take shape. I have "gladiator" moments, where my world bends to my command....whew! Plus, joy whenever I want it. Not bad, huh? I'm only in week three, and I've probably just got a small glimpse of life beyond this, but I'm already at the point where words kind of peter out. Thank you for all you do." Tons of love, Donna W

"I am having such a ball with the sixth module of the JTM.... last night I laughed out loud in bed, all by myself, for 20 minutes."  Donna W

This is a live session with Donna, who had both wonderful and odd early experiences with Jumping The Matrix.  Her daughter began having JTM experiences too. Note how her daughter was asking for "small change", and got it! Then they started seeing quarters. The results of JTM are very practical in the end, but the initial experiences can be interesting, as you get to see what you thought was reality is not.

Lola Jones - 'Cracks in The Matrix' 38min Great, funny audio! Streams with one click.

A month later she wrote: "Hi Lola, wow, we are changing so fast up here... It's story-telling time, just because it's such a "wow!" shift happening here. Business AND personal AND family....Emily (her daughter), as usual, is my barometer for change and she is racking it up fast! I would love to share the speed and nature of the changes that have been happening, just within the last three weeks. Just had the business books done, WAY up from last year, profit margin up, and not even close to the "expense" formulas that small business is supposed to follow." Lots of love and really looking forward to talking with you. Donna  Donna soon sold that successful business and became a business consultant.

Then as she expanded: "I've jumped the business matrix, Lola. I haven't had sales like this since, oh, I forgot, I've NEVER had sales like this! The other day, we actually had to lock the doors and take the phone off the hook so we could have a fifteen-minute dance to celebrate the flow. I'm owning my success in a big way, and it's juicing up the course." Love and lots more, Donna  

"Guess what? Something has landed inside of me and is juicing up. When I look at myself in the mirror, I look like a film director. A voice inside me says, "I am a film director."  If feels absolutely right. I look and feel like a NEW me, not an old me that has just lost weight. I'm inhabiting this new self LONG before my circumstances are scheduled to change......   The feeling and the new "look" is directly related to the pivot point exercises and visiting the alternate me. I have transitioned into a reality in which I just haven't got any eating/weight issues. No doubt about it Lola, through divine openings I have not "managed" or "worked with" or "counseled" the habits, I vibrated out of them. THANK YOU!!  Talk to you soon, Donna"   Donna soon got a contract making films for a government program in Alberta, Canada

"Really exciting things have been happening lately in JTM and I'd love to share it with you. I think I've got too much to discuss to join in a group conference call - I probably need at least two private phone sessions! I had such an interesting experience while visiting an alternative me (twice) which is leading to a career change and lifestyle change. Just amazing! Loads of unworthiness (bucketloads) dropped on my head in the process but I dived in then got free in a big way and I can see the changes in other areas of my life as well. Now I know why you talk about worthiness a lot - I thought I "got" that I was worthy, but it was obviously only in a superficial intellectual way - I had to dive in to reclaim the treasure and there was loads to recover. What is really wonderful about the process is that you provide the tools to deal with all the issues, and I had various things to choose from to help me out and get clear. I'm surfing the big wave on several issues and it's exhilarating!"  Love, Marcia

I have started the JTM, and it's intense, love it! The other night I had the most amazing dream, I was in a Divine Openings retreat and it felt so so so good! A lot of my Divine Openings friends where there and we were sitting together in a large magnificent room. There was ravishing music playing and then Lola appears. She start with item by item to undress and reveals the most sensationally exquisite female body I have ever seen. Outstandingly fit, powerful feminine muscles, luscious curves, beautiful tan, the sight was just breathtaking!  Then she starts to move, slowly, magnetizing, deliberately, sensually, powerfully, and just performed magic! Then I woke up, with a hugh smile on my face, giggling about the beautiful and out of this world experience, and I wanted more, much more! So I decided to go back to that dream again, which I did! Oooo my the feeling of being there was so mind-blowingly delicious I just totally absorbed all of it! Then I woke up again, at this stage I was wondering, what is real, this reality or that reality? I got up to the bathroom,  totally amazed of what I had experienced and an even wider smile on my face! Back in bed, I had such a longing to go back to the “other reality” so I did! The dream/reality was a pure sensation of beauty, sensuality, wonder, love, appreciation, total yumminess! After waking up a third time, it was morning in my old reality. I’m bringing with me the feeling of the “glorious new reality”, what more is possible? The exploration of JTM is really “out of this world”, and I have sooooo much more to discover, enfold, cherish, luxuriate in. Love, Anneli, Germany

"Hi Lola, I would like to tell you about two experiences that happened to me in this last week -- firstly I was doing the eye-to-eye divine opening at the end of module 3 JTM as I was looking into your eyes in a relaxed state your image started to change you became younger and the image brightened up then it darkened and you became older this happened for about a minute changing from one to the other then I saw two images of you on the screen the more youthful image on the left and the normal one on the right as this went on I had a build up of energy in my solar plexus then my crown.

The second experience happened last night I was laying in bed listening to a JTM meditation tape with my eyes closed when I heard this rumbling sound it got louder and louder and the bed started to shake and lifted slightly this all happened in a matter of seconds, this surprised me as my bed is a solid oak double which I struggle to lift. At first my thoughts turned to a earthquake then I realised that it couldn't be a earthquake as my bedside tables had not sustained any damage the lamps and ornaments were normal so all I can put it down to is my large self giving me a message, afterwards I had a very pleasant night's sleep. I look forward to more messages from my large self!" Best wishes, Dave McLean

As in The Matrix movie, taking a peek outside of ordinary consensus reality and Jumping The Matrix can be disconcerting at first, but that soon smooths out. Remember when Neo finds himself on that blank white screen, with no point of reference? It quickly becomes fun and wondrous with the tools we give you. This course will support you and guide you on this ride, and you'll soon be ecstatic about exploring this astounding "new" world. You'll say goodbye to many of the limiting rules you’ve spent a lifetime learning. Most will no longer apply.

Unlike the movie, reality outside the matrix is not harsh at all -- it’s Heavenly. My experience is that it is delightful beyond description, and I love every step of the journey. I am content in each moment and yet eager for more. That's what the end of seeking feels like.

"Dear Lola, I am ever so grateful for finding you and Divine Openings. Thank you for shining such a brilliant and beautiful light into the world.  This beacon of energy is remembering me as I truly am.  I am tuning into my God Self with relish and a deep deep memory of the power that we all are.  My heart is flowing open and free. I am in Jumping the Matrix now. I've been only four short months into Divine Openings and the river is flowing through me with the passion of Grace embodied. My life is a miracle.  I have forgotten (I like that word better than released!) many old patterns and emotional presences.  My physical health has always been really good.  It has gotten better.  Severe menstrual pain and fibroids of 5 years.....gone now. As an extremely sensitive and empathic person, I have ceased minding the emotional business of others, stopped expressing for them when they would not.....reached this place by asking some thoughtful EQ's and putting it on the Godlist. The Divine has helped me let go where before I could not. I am forgiving myself.   I am appreciating the amazing power that we all have to create these brilliant lives here on earth.  All of it. I am experiencing the retrieval of my own power, from past experiences and thought forms that were deeply held in my emotional memories, my physical body memories. I am God.  And I feel it.  Into my bones."

Bless you Lola.  For all that you are giving and creating.
It is an honor to be on this path.
On Earth and in the Stars.
Love, Jeanie       Seattle, WA

Dear Lola, I just (began) Jumping the Matrix, thank you so much, and am feeling the energy already. I know I have to take it slowly, because everything started moving even before the course!I ordered JTM on Friday afternoon, but didn't get it straight away. Saturday morning, my fiance, Duane, cooked me breakfast, and started talking to me about all kinds of stuff. Now when I say that he is usually an extremely quiet guy, and very reticent about his feelings, I am understating, not exaggerating. I often have to wait for a minute before he even answers me! Well, he started talking about himself, stuff that happened when he was younger, and I just sat and listened. Then he started asking me about myself and things he's never been interested in before. Breakfast took 3 hours!
I have never seen him so animated and open. I knew straight away that was an opening connected to my commitment to doing the have often referred to it. ..the Divine knew what we needed and provided it without asking. It felt so good that Duane trusted me enough to talk so freely, or that he even wanted to. I had never heard him speak so quickly or so clearly before...his face was bright and clear too. And I hadn't even taken one look at the JTM.
Following day I had to clear through some old family photographs, and doing that, felt a real low after the exciting events of Saturday. I just pampered myself, did some things that I love to do, and dove into the feelings many times. Duane even said to just take care of myself, and he'd find something to do by himself. He knew straight away it was triggered by the memories, and realized I would clear it out in my own time. It was a real opportunity to clear out old stuffed-down energy, and I was grateful for understanding the altimeter to help me figure out where I was, and how to move up. But most of all it was a warning for me to take Jumping the Matrix slowly. I am figuring that together with all the modules, audios and videos, it could take a quite a time to read and absorb, and anyway, I want to spread the experience out and simply enjoy each moment and each unfolding.
Thank you Sweet Lola for all your gifts. You are amazing! Love Grace
I've been wanting to share with you how amazing it is to flow that divine energy into my next project (life, career, whatever you want to call it) by doing exactly as you describe: dressing it, feeling it, talking about I lose weight (46 lbs so far!) it's like transforming the old, habitual vibrations and channeling them into my new, fun vision of myself as a filmmaker.
- Time is on my side....I can take as little or as long as I please to co-create a seamless entry. I gave myself four months to ease out of my business (which has been sold to a friend/competitor) I'm learning how to time-travel! The old rules about how long anything takes just don't apply.
- I have finally embraced my love of transformation and installed a wood-framed HUGE corkboard to hold my continually evolving and changing "vision board", which is filled with inspirational and just plain beautiful images and words. Lots of filmmaking stuff. No rules. It reminds me that my life is filled with beauty, joy and fun!
- I'm leaving nothing behind. All my life's goodness is inside me and goes where I go....instead of feeling sad about "leaving" I am often moved to tears of appreciation and gratitude.
- Through the "alternate you's" activity in JTM I have contacted and enlisted the help of my film-making alternate, who is absolutely delighted to help! She's warm, interesting, creative, beautiful.... I visit her often because it feels good.
My wife said to me since the 5 Day that now whenever she has a complaint to direct towards me she remembers that she created me and so to complain would be meaningless. She doesn't ever wish she took the blue pill instead of the red one (from The Matrix). Is that what you mean about the others in your life zooming ahead of you? : >) Gerrick
This morning, looking at the cowgirl up picture , I really saw me in the picture.  I AM ON A ROLL – feeling fantastic and full of energy and LOVING MY LIFE. I am slowly savouring JTM and REALLY GETTING IT!  I watch the videos, listen to the audios and just notice the changes in my thinking and behaviour.  And chicken Joe is doing the same.  It is brilliant! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you do. With lots of love, Shirley, UK
Hi Lola, Quick note (I hope). Just played with the alternate realities exercise from JTM; came back as a changed me. The vibration of fear and guilt are not present, at least at the moment, and reality feels different. I'd made up a list of possible alternate selves I'd like to contact, and intended for the most appropriate to show up behind the "door". Started out meeting a self who got up from tending a garden and did some bodywork on my neck and shoulders, then held me from behind in a divine mother vibration. Then visited another self who was very tuned in to the consciousness/essence of other beings in nature, but was a bit somber or severe. I received her ability to be silent-minded, and gave her gentleness and softness. Then asked for a self very connected to Larger Self, and it was as if I and a few other selves were in a faceted transparent globe like a diving bell, in a deep dark fertile-void ocean between many realities. I was aware of what I have learned from Divine Openings--receiving, giving, the course material, the vibration--was going out into several other of my realities as light. One alternate self I asked to contact was one that could get things done on practical level. Looking forward to seeing how this unfolds. Much love, Vicki
Today The Presence led me to Module 3 in JTM. Been there before, but I decided to re- read everything knowing the reason as to why I was called back would reveal itself…… At the end there was your photo ‘the Divine looking at the Divine”  all of a sudden I was guided again to play the “Swami- Gayatri” music.  AND the combo was………
Much Love! Kimber
Hi Lola! I've just been riding this incredible wave!! Started jumping the matrix about 6 months ago and decided what i wanted, knew my large self was already there and just savored the waiting and NOW , to make a long story short, i've just married the love of my life who adores me and wants to take care of me and my 14 year old son and we've moved into this amazing 100 year old mansion (beautiful but a bit of a money pit haha!) and all is well. love you and so glad to be back in the course - i was away for a while blissed out in the matrix and just got back online today - man the website is even more awesome!!  jody collins (now Browne)

Dear Lola, 3 weeks ago I developed these itchy bumps on my right arm then right thigh then ankles and left shin. It spread into large blustery itchy areas. It is almost gone tho I was unable to find cause. I had to laugh! Yes. No disease, just me itching to shed old skin and jump through to new, truer iteration of me. Seems slow some days yet I am moving so much and loving all of it. Causeless bliss tickling me in the midst of many discomforts. Loving the power that accompanies "I created this." Aloha, Roxanne

Full of love and gratitude to you for these offerings. I cannot thank you enough. Love, Christine
This morning I had nowhere to be, no clients, no phone calls…….I melted into silence.
Beautiful silence ~ Then I decided to read JTM module 6b about doorways to alternate/ multiple realities and I found this metaphor really ‘clicked’ for me. Even though I have discovered how to enter and play within hallways of The Divine- I sometimes get invitations by way of an open door. There’s always choice point with a pause to feel the energy. If it's in alignment with what I want and who I really am I GO, alternately if it doesn't feel good, I PASS. The more I pass on those lower vibration doors of ‘reality’ the more opportunities arise to discover new doors of purpose, prosperity, love and all that is good. I like this. If someone offers me a door to an unpleasant reality, I picture myself saying ‘no thanks’ but you are more than welcome to join my party over here.
Lola, I swear, I can feel so much crust coming off and feel my heart and soul opening up in ways it never has before.  It is amazing what the birth of this child has opened up- not only in me, but in our whole family.  What a combo! Jumping the Matrix and having a baby :)
Lola, I am so glad that you are you!  I truly appreciate your presence on this planet.  I love that you live your life- that you walk the walk- I love your humanity.  You are such a beautiful soul. I feel so blessed to know you.  Your "work" has changed my life and the lives of my family in such a positive way- a big thank you for all of that :)    know you are loved and deeply appreciated, dorogaya-  love, Laura
Hello dear one!!!  Here's a little JTM magic to report....
After almost 15 months on the market, we have a contract on our house and it's the absolute perfect family to have it! 
  We did find a house we loved...3 times...and each time some weird thing happened so that our offer wasn't accepted.  I thought, well, that's interesting, something big must be up because this is totally weird!  We moved on and found another house we loved and this time our offer was promptly accepted (by a bank--it's bank-owned and my understanding is that can be a twisted process, but it was smooth as silk).  I felt so differently about this last house--the previous times I felt tightness that I named "just anxious to have our offer accepted" when I NOW know its real name was "not the right house for you."
To the magic...about a week or so ago I got to the JTM module about "when weird things happen" and I made my list of 20 impossible things I want and put it away.  One of the "impossible things" (admittedly at the "more possible" end of the spectrum) was that we'd find the perfect house, there would be no drama or anxiety and we'd buy it and then all of the people who turned us down would come back and want us to buy their houses!
Well, guess what?  Yesterday, after we got our signed contract back from the bank, my realtor called and said, "The weirdest thing just happened.  You know that house on Gregg that you made an offer on?  Well, the agent just called me and said that they'd like to know if you're still interested because they'd like to re-consider your offer."  WHAT????  (We said no because we know our house found us and we have the right one this time).
Tee hee!  Much love to you, and thank you, thank you, thank you for the blessing of your courses!
Cindy Sehr, Senior Counsel, Catholic Healthcare West
Hello dorogaya (Russian term of endearment) Lola, hope you are having a fabulous day.  After reading/"doing" Week 11 in Jumping the Matrix, can I just say I love the consciously giving your power away step/piece?  Love it, love it, love it!  Wowza!   I was up early this morning, reading online, listening to the audio and "doing" this step....grrrrriiiiiiillll!  Wowza!  I felt things leave my body that had been there sooooooo long.  I just got on a roll- I thought my head was going to float off and then my upper body.  I felt the baby must have liked it too- it felt like s/he gave me a few kicks of groovin'.  It opened me up sooooooo much.  Today has just been such a beautiful day- what a wonderful way to start it.  So thank you, thank you, thank you, Ms. Lola, thank you & your fabulous self for creating this.  I love it, love it, love it!  If I could send you ten million smoochies and hugs, I would!  Just know that there is a lot of love and appreciation for you!  lots of love, Laura
So I am in the grocery store … I see a woman taking a couple of things from my already paid for section.  I am just about to rip her a new one when I see the words from Jumping the Matrix -“Just ask”….I get that strange…time stopped feeling I have come to call my Holy Moly moments.  As I walk past her, I lightly touch her shoulder and say “next time, just ask”.Then I wake up from my dream….I started asking big time and I am starting to feel more…I think I am one of those people you described to the musician on the call…really head…I had a lot of “no head” after Texas but of late with worries about income, work etc…my left brain has come back on line a lot and the silent faith I had buckets of after Texas has eluded me.  Thank you for Jumping the Matrix –thank you for reminding me not to do a spiritual bypass –thank you for working with me on the Sea Ranch event which I am so excited about….and thank you for letting me share this with you….anything else you can think of that will help me, thank you for that too! Love, Debora
After a major meltdown in JTM: major pipes getting cleaned...flowing flowing flowing....again... and loving myself on a totally new level this morning...wowser !!! was that an experience or what. Thank you for loving my soul and all that you have on this site and who you are...THANK YOU, Jan

Dear Lola,
Just wanted to say thank you for Jumping the Matrix…I have been experiencing some fabulous things coinciding so perfectly with each lesson as I read it…hah…amazing how that works huh.Also, just an additional thanks for the 5 day last September….what a life giving experience and what joy to share in the spreading of divine grace in everyone.  I love you and I rave about it all!!! Have a wonderful day….its snowing like mad here…yea …I am headed for the ski slopes! Debora K McDermed, TVD INC

I feel the need to report to the mothership! I am having such a ball with the sixth module of the JTM....last night I laughed out loud in bed, all by myself, for like 20 minutes. My cats are kind of freaked. Donna

Lola, I've soooo been enjoying the JTM course...savoring it very slowly.  Last night I had something very cool happen.  Sometime during the night I realized that the Coldplay song - Viva La Vida was playing in the background of all my dreams.  I partially woke up and smiled and realized that was a good thing.  It continued all night and seemed to fit in with everything that was happening, whether I was dreaming or not. When I got up I got on the computer and listened to the song on YouTube.  It gave me great joy.  The title really means "Live Life" or to me "live your life to the fullest".  My thanks to you and the Divine!  Love, Pat Thorpe

I am currently jumping the matrix (and I am loving that Lola) and I am only in week 3. Debora McDermed

Thank you soo much for the JTM--I finished my module 1 and this is what happened during my chakras experience when my crown chakras open with the white light flowing litterally and clouds envelope my whole body or maybe it was like white immaculate smoke then a white unicorn appear and Im riding on it traveling across the universe that was awesome.  hugs love, Maggi

LOVE IT!!!!! I can really feel the amped-up energy, and I'm starting to flex my God-muscles....the feeling is very similar to the empowered feeling I got when my self-worth started to take shape (after some one-on-one sessions). I have "gladiator" moments, where my world bends to my command....whew! Plus, joy whenever I want it. Not bad, huh? I'm only in week three, and I've probably just got a small glimpse of life beyond this, but I'm already at the point where words kinda peter out. Thank you for all you do. Tons of love, Donna Wetterstrand

One day I was at a gas station and a lady who had been badly burned was in line in front of me. Her head was covered in a scarf with some short hair sticking out. She was missing a few fingers. All of a sudden, I saw burns, all of her fingers and hair. Like a Kirlian photograph, the perfection of her, I guess the hologram of her. Cool, huh?  Love, Penny

I'm really enjoying the JTM course.  I loved the concept of Bill Hicks' that this is a ride. . . in the 60's, I had a friend  who use to say "you got your ticket so you might as well go on the ride". I just love all the soul food you are sharing with us. I sent in some changes to the graphic designer and then when I get it back, hopefully it will go to the manufacturer for pressing.  It's been a full two years of hard work.  We're still working on the website.  Will send you CD and  website info when it's all ready. Just wanted you to know I've been thinking of you  and you're in my heart. Oceans of Love,  Evy

Dear Lola, I am loving my new way of seeing my life and everyone else's, and I love the freedom of doing nothing but savoring the waiting, knowing that all I want is on its way to me. Sometimes things from the very bottom of my list of dreams for the future pop to the top and I get it. Surprise, surprise! I love that.

Thank you for a great group call last week, I really enjoyed being able to talk to you live. The things you said about headaches, tension and softening really spoke to me, and I am staying conscious to the old habit of holding tension in my body by striving to do things and not just be.  My house just went on the market about 3 weeks ago, and my dream is to sell is quickly, move into my new place and then come to your 5-day intensive. It may not happen in that order and I also have jury duty at the end of December, but I let go, and am just watching to see which order the universe is going to give me it all. Many blessings at this time of Thanksgiving, Grace


I would like to thank you very much for the online course which I am currently doing. I have some amazing breakthroughs. Thank you so much.  Love & Blessings, Helga Watson

Lola, I just wanted to thank you for being you and all that you've done and been through.  I'm on the second week of Jumping the Matrix and "WOW" the energy is powerful.  Thank you for this marvelous course.  If I forget to spend time in the energy, it reminds me - usually when I'm on the computer.

I've been cleaning the house most of the day as I'm having friends over for Thanksgiving Dinner and bridge.  I've had music on all day and have been on a continual high. Is that right, that I saw on the course that you and Michael split up?  If so, you both have my condolences.  My best to both of you.

It has been almost 9 months since Keoki moved out the second time.  We have a great friendship and I have not missed having a mate at all.  Maybe someday I'll want a relationship again, but not now.  I'm just happy with The Divine and my wonderful 2 kitties! You've done a lot this year and I'm grateful for all of it, and most of all grateful to know you! Lots of love, always! Pat Thorpe  P.S. Give my love to the animals, too!   

(Note from Lola: I appreciate the love and concern, yet I don't feel like I've been through anything very hard - I had to stop and recall what she was referring to..... yay!)

I started the jumping matrix course last week.... a few weeks ago my gold watch and my kitchen clocked stopped working.  Yesterday my silver watched stopped and today my living room clock stopped.  I have absolutely no idea what this means but it's interesting!!  Happy Thanksgiving!  Cari

What an incredible experience. I felt an energy I had never received through you before, I was totally engulfed in an energy that was incredible, (chakras, must have been all of them), and I am not talking about 7, but more than that. (Note from Lola: She had this experience before Lola had even finished editing the 12 chakra meditation that will go in this course. Most people aren't aware of more than 7 chakras.) A very large, thick balloon, all around me. You mentioned in this audio that you felt a different energy, well girl, I was right with you. LOL!  It had started with a tingling sensation that started from the top of my head, all the way to my toes, in approximately 10 seconds I was completely in and surrounded by this wonderful experience. You, I am sure have seen someone light a torch for welding, well this is the only way I can describe it, like I was a flame being lit up. I mean from head to toe, I still feel it as if I am invincible.  Warm, loving energy.  When I woke up the next morning, I had an energy through out my chest I can not describe, I was swirling all around inside, I had this for 3 days... I actually feel my large self more from thataudio than I had ever before.  I notice a difference in the way that people are looking at me, is this normal?  Even as I type this comment about this I feel the energy, it returns as I think about it, it is not as strong. This is a wonderful feeling.  Ascension, how awesome.  I am so thankful to be here in this time, right now!!!!!!  I am so glad I wanted to be here, I see and feel so much more than ever before. I will be taking the course next month. Maria from Californi

Then she wrote another day: New things are happening -- just this morning, I was sitting at my computer and all of a sudden in the left corner of my left eye a metal box turned upside down appeared from no where, and it was up towards the ceiling. The lid just popped open and I began to feel very ill, like I was going to vomit. I had been hoping to be able to quit smoking, and now when I think about smoking, I do not want to. Also, Jim, Penny and I were standing in a parking lot outside of her business, when we all 3 grabbed hands and thought deeply of Nell, and when we opened our eyes, we saw a major miracle, many swirls of energy through out the sky, how intense was this!  I can only say that since I have been involved with this, many things have taken place and I just love it.  Thank you so very much.  Maria

From Lola: I went on the site, and the links to each of the modules were gone! I didn't even contact Crystal. I relaxed, let it go, and when I came back, they were there again. Your best option is always to feel first, reclaim treasure second, and act or talk last

Another event: I posted an audio of a one-on-one session in a later module no one was supposed to get to for quite a few weeks. It had a bit of sexual abuse content. Miraculously, the mother of the person getting the session was led to skip forward, which of course you're not supposed to do, and she heard it! It was a huge upset, therefore an opportunity for her to reclaim some tremendous power. Can you imagine the miracle of The Presence lining that up and then guiding her to it, just to present that huge opportunity for her?

Turns out the receiver of the session had not read the page about sessions being posted in courses, and didn't understand that the recorder in front of her, reading out sound waves, was recording (also an amazing sequence of events), so I did go back and edit her voice out of the session, which I NEVER do. Just think, if the daughter had realized it was being recorded, and if I had stopped the recording each time the daughter talked, the mom would not have had that huge opportunity. I'm not clear if mom reclaimed the power from the very uncomfortable feelings. The only way she'll know is if the feeling she felt then, no longer has any charge. She said it gave her the feeling of getting to protect her daughter in a way that she couldn't do back in her daughter's childhood when the abuse happened. If all the power isn't reclaimed, The Presence will bring the feeling back again and again. You always get another chance.

Wow the energy in the first Jumping The Matrix module is very high and fast.  I am committing to grooving... Going too fast can really knock me out (I tend to want to be a Hoover :-) )  Thank you for putting together such an incredible program.  Much love, Becky

Hello Dorogaya Lola (dorogaya is a Russian term of endearment), What a great group phone call tonight! wahoo!  Talk about things being better than you could ever imagine- yowza!  When we did that Divine Opening tonight, it felt like we were giving it to the world- I have never felt such expansiveness.  It felt like the roof was off the top of my house and divine energy was beaming out to the entire world.  And so easy!!! ahhh......   I am looking forward to reading the book, The Holographic Universe after tonight too.  mmm mmm mmmm!

Things here are going well.  So many good things have been happening- I'll try to keep it short and give you the highlights :)
Allen (her husband) started a new job.  After the September 5-day, I came back and he was not so happy at the old spot.  I said, what if, since you don't like looking for a job, someone just calls you out of the blue and offers you a spot?  A few weeks later, a friend who we haven't talked to in awhile, called.  There was a spot at his law firm opening up- was Allen interested?  Shortly thereafter, Allen got the job.  It's got lots of great things- suits Allen's background, close to home, better benefits, they would pay to have Allen finish up law school (if he wants ;), and a substantial pay increase.  Being there at the new job has helped Allen "see" more of what he does want in his life- which is so awesome.  I think that is the greatest thing about the new job.  

We were just out tonight- together- alone- on a DATE (did I mention it was a date?? :) and got to talking about what we want. I just said, whatever you want to create- let's do it.  Let's focus in on that coming into our lives rather than talking about anything else.  If you want to start a touring/travel company, then let's do it.  If you want to spend 6 months in Montana, 3 months of the year in Wisconsin, and 3 months traveling, then let's do it.  Let's allow it to come into our lives. 

Allen was talking to another friend from Seattle the other night who mentioned that he has a business opportunity that he wants to talk to Allen about.  Who knows where it will all lead but wouldn't it be awesome if our dreams happened faster than our minds could imagine?
The good news for me is that I found an office space and will share it with another massage therapist who, surprise, surprise- is quite intrigued about this Divine Openings stuff.  She has some great ideas too.  yippee!!  So I thought, what if this experience of starting up is way easier than I ever could have imagined?  What if I am busy enough and yet balanced with our family life?  what if this experience is way better than anything I could ever possibly dream of?

The boys are doing well.  We're thinking of starting to homeschool for the next school year.  Jeremiah has a great class (the best class his teacher has ever had in 35 years) but I just keep feeling like the learning experience could be even better.  I've asked my large self to take care of this one for me. 

Our family all had a great time sledding today.  It warmed up and tomorrow is supposed to be a balmy 40 degrees.  It's funny how you get used to certain weather.  Last weekend, we were out riding on the holiday trolley and it was 20 below so this "warm" weather feels fantastico :) 

Hope you are having a great time during the holidays.  I was psyched to see the New Year's group phone call- thanks for adding that one on- what a great way to start the new year!  talk about receiving more than you ask for :) 

Dorogaya, thanks for being you.  I am so glad you are on this planet and have lit up this path.  And in such a clean way- yippeee! and for wanting us all to have such goodness in our own lives- whatever it may be that we dream of.  Know that we wish the same goodness and blessings for you, dear one.
lots and lots of love,
Laura, Wisconsin

I'm on Week 4 of JTM (and love it!  did I mention how much I love it???  LOVE it!) and so many good things have happened already.  My mind cannot even imagine all the goodness that is coming in- yaaa hoooooo! and I didn't even mention the missing glove that "magically" appeared in my hand (I thought God, if you can make money appear, surely you can make a missing glove (that we had been searching for and searching for) appear), the little bits & pieces of goodness or witnessing the boys' behavior shift right before my eyes. It is all so amazing!  I am looking foward to reading that letter again and seeing how much more goodness has shown up by then.  Yipppeee! Lots of love to you, dorogaya!  Hope you have a blast at the New Year's Eve party- lots of good music, dancing, and wonderful people!  Many blessings and love to you! Laura 
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