Suggestions for enjoying your lullabye, or "Lolabye":

Play or sing it to your children, or to your loves, but most of all do it for you. Treat yourself like the most precious child by playing this lullabye just for yourself, to be kind to yourself and pamper yourself. You could imagine the Mother Divine singing it to you.

You may receive a Divine Opening
by listening to this Lullabye, or you may listen as often as you like just for soothing, uplifting, and relaxing.

Listen at any time of day, before meditation, before an afternoon nap, or just to take a break.

Its sweet, soothing, loving resonance is like a big Mother Divine hug.

Listen to it before bed to set your vibration to drift off into a wonderful night of dreams and soaring.

Love, Lola

Music and lyrics by Lola Jones and Charley Cook   
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PS - If your dreams are ever unpleasant while doing Divine Openings of any type, know that Divine Openings can move your lower vibrations in dreams, in the easiest way possible for you. Don't resist, analyze, or fret about those dreams, and appreciate them, and you'll soon find your dreams more pleasant.