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~ Portal 1 Got You Past Suffering and Struggle

~ Portal 2 Is All About Living in Ease and Flow, Beyond Problems and Pain! It's About Going Even Higher!

On this page: learn about the fresh, leading edge material you'll enjoy in Portal 2! This short video gives you the feel of what's next:

"OH - MY - GOSH......Okay, you know that my experience in Divine Openings has been gentle, peaceful, quiet and joyful.  No metaphysical stuff whatsoever.  No woo woo at all.  I absolutely know that the Divine Openings I receive work, but I never feel them.  At. All.  Ever. So..... I DO NOT KNOW WHAT SORT OF WHAMMY you put into the PORTAL 2 Module 6 DIVINE OPENING!!!!  But let me tell you, within a couple of seconds of looking at it, all of the air whooshed out of my lungs.  My eyes started watering.  The art pulsed and turned from blue to purple (now, I'm a lawyer and I "know" full well a photograph CANNOT change colors!)  It was like a laser was going into my brain.  My breathing got really fast (when my air came back) and I felt like I was going to cry. When I was able to close my eyes, it took several minutes for my breathing to return to normal.  It also took several minutes for me to stop seeing the picture vividly on the back of my eyelids. Now, this type of stuff just doesn't happen for me!  And after such a gentle and sweet chapter of the course about seeing and experiencing things in the moment, with baby's eyes, and with a childlike wonder.  Imagine my surprise, gentle smile on my face, when a thundering steamroller came through my body!!! Just exactly what are you cooking up, hmmmm?? I LOVE YOU!!!"   Cindy Sehr, Attorney, Arizona

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Portal 2 is $279 for just the course if you already have the book that goes with it, Living Large: Mastering Your Power Of Intention (formerly called Watch Where You Point That Thing.)

It's $299 for the course and book together, and that includes the book shipping.
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"Dear Lola, I started reading the Things Are Going Great book again, and it blew me away. I read it cover to cover... and that is for the 4th time! Either the whole book had been rewritten, or I had never really read it before! Then I decided to get out book 2, Living Large again, and same thing. I am loving it, savoring it, and taking it slowly to make it last. So I started doing the Portal 2 Online Course again, and once more, it's brand new! Tons of new fun videos, more focus on letting go, expanding our pipes, focusing on the non-physical. This is giving me a huge leg-up into the things I am calling in from my reservoir. Now all I have to do is sit back and relax...or jump up, have fun and enjoy the savoring. Wow, Lola! I SO appreciate you." Much love and blessings as always, Grace Goldberger

In the Leading Edge Portal 2 Course get ready to have more ease and fun while you expand, deepen, and elevate. Lighten up and enjoy life more. People are saying they're having completely new experiences .

In Portal 2 there are many, many videos and audios--more than enough to keep you immersed for a year. Some are short, just a few minutes long, some an hour long and comprehensive. They drench you in Grace and ease, and help you achieve advanced personal growth and development.


How is the Portal 2 Online Retreat Course different from Portal 1?

  • It's completely new and different next-level material.
  • It's always the energy more than the words, and each course operates at a higher frequency.
  • The last course took you through Portal 1 and out of suffering and struggle.
  • This course takes you through Portal 2 into living in Ease and Flow.
  • A hundred new ideas, Pleasure Practices, and fun techniques help you focus, immerse, practice, and raise your vibration--but there is still no working on yourself!
  • New ways to play, enjoy, and lightly intend your way upward.
  • Advanced Divine Openings are given by Lola.
  • Divine Mother Energy blasts hearts wide open.
  • You'll balance masculine intending and feminine allowing.
  • Portal 2 insures that the growing masculine power of your mind and intelligence is matched by heart-power.
  • Fine tune and refine the conscious mind as you expand, get more powerful.
  • Learn how to keep your physical body in good shape.
  • Assimilate the increasingly powerful Divine Energy.

People observe that the vibration is smoother, lighter, easier... like gliding, surfing, flying.

Portal 2 is more like a party in your body, mind, and emotions. The focus is more on your expansive Non-Physical Self that absolutely creates by simple intention.

  • Fresh audios and videos for you:
  • New live audios and videos that supplement, support, and bring to life Lola's second book, Living Large: Mastering Your Power Of Intention.
  • The Mantras Videos. Lola brings to life more than 60 wise sayings or "mantras" that help you use your creative power of intention more effectively.
  • Power of Intention audios and materials that bring a new dimension to the material from the new Portal 2 book.
  • New, higher-level webinar videos and audios where Lola helps students apply the concepts to their practical daily lives.
  • Special Portal 2 audios that guide you through the meditations in the second book.
  • You get special audios that aren't sold separately like Laughing For Life.


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"I'm in Portal 2. I have studied many spiritual paths for many years now and am finding this. to be the most rewarding and fulfilling of all." Namaste, Mickey

Move more into being your Unlimited Non-Physical Self. and balance it with outer-focus. Your outer world works better and you are more centered. Get even more rubberized!

Proactive new ways to use your mind to be more creative, empowered, forward-focused, and effective in practical everyday life.

  • Fun, easy new processes to take your mind and emotions to higher levels of functioning.
  • Ways to tune up your body and health.
  • The all-new art in Portal 2 has powerful physical healing, soothing, and spiritually deepening energy.
  • Activities to help you recover your childlike innocence and creativity.

Playfully create your life, for the joy of it.


See a general course outline below.

"I signed up for the advanced Portal 2 online course and wow! The time just flew by...I'm in the flow...and .... well, here I am, months and months later and I didn't even realize how sweet everything really is! Thank you again for all you do, my friend. Love and Light to you and your family!" Carla

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"For the past two days, my intentions in the form of EFFECTIVE QUESTIONS (a big topic in Portal 2) have been producing almost instant gratification. It's blowing my mind. Yesterday, after I wrote a 'god list', I was day dreaming about everything I want. WOW! The word/feeling that popped in my head/body was ZING! I felt like I jumped dimensions.
I've always felt my emotions as intense energy in my body from my first divine opening, but something has drastically changed. Now, they just seem to flow with no resistance. The first feeling was uncomfortable, and borderline painful. However, because I could feel it so deeply, I actually enjoyed it just as much as bliss.
I feel like I woke up AGAIN. I also lost my favorite, cute, red, puffy jacket somewhere. Today, after two years, I declared that I was going to find it.  I KNEW I would find it. Well, I not only found it, but it was stored with a brand new sweater, swimsuit, and winter hat. I felt like I went shopping. Also, the location was revealed to me in a very short time. I only looked one place. The pure joy I felt was more about realizing my power! I was also guided to reply to YOU! I hardly ever post, but I loved your question. EQs have changed my life. My cousin tells me that I have super powers:) !!!THANKS!!!!" Sandra from Korea

Get ready for something entirely new 

It's easy to get stuck in problem solving and fix-it focus. Portal 2 moves you completely away from the old-paradigm of "problem focus" and into being more of the Conscious Creator you really are, simply by intending.

When you move away from problem focus you automatically begin to have fewer problems. And when you do experience contrasts, you don't feel them so much as problems, but as opportunities to expand and focus your intentions.

Portal 1 got you into your body and you stopped resisting being physical, so now you're free to live beyond the physical while happily in the physical. We call this photo of Lola "having it made in the shade", and that's the essence of Portal 2 Online.

Though the material is profoundly powerful, energetically, emotionally, and spiritually, at this level what's important is happiness, ease, and flow. There's even more fun, and even LESS work than in Portal 1 (and you know Portal 1 wasn't much work at all.)

"I'm having so much fun with the Effective Questions in Portal 2!!!!  I'm on week 4, and I LOVE it! I thought I'd have a lot of trouble coming up with 10 of them, (and it was a little hard at first), but now when I read one of them and close my eyes to think about it, several more pop into my head that are just as delicious. You are a marvel!  I also loved that this technique came from your previous, corporate, life. How funny that you were preparing for this even then!  Who'da thunk it?"  Much love, Cindy Sehr


Register for Portal 2!

Portal 2 is $279 for just the course if you already have the book that goes with it, Living Large: Mastering Your Power Of Intention (formerly called Watch Where You Point That Thing.)

It's $299 for the course and book together, and that includes the book shipping.
Learn all about what's in it below.

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  • ~ Enter Portal 1 (formerly called Level 1.)
  • ~ Register for Portal 2 on the main page of Portal 1.
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A Few High Points Of Portal 2:Be an angel, give an online course as a gift

Each module has something for everyone: those who are still dealing with some challenges--and other things for those who are flying high, for going higher and higher, and getting more and more powerful, creative, and free.

There's new art you haven't seen for your Divine Openings in each module.

There are brand new videos added in 2018 and more coming.

Lola is constantly improving all courses (she loves it!), so watch for updates when you're in a course, or go back and do it again later.

Module 1
It's All About Feeling Good
Soothing Yourself
A New Way To Pray
Heart's Desires
Smoothing the Speed Bumps and Accelerating
Letting Energy Flow
Choice Of Focus
It's OK to Keep Wanting More

Module 2
The Meaning Generator

Smoothing the Speed Bumps
Staying Awake
Free Will
Ebb and Flow, and Surfing The Waves
Enjoying Challenge
Hero or Victim?
Secondary Gain
Warrior Vibration
Retraining Your Mind
Soothing Yourself

Module 3
Feel The Grace
Non-Habitual Movement
Get Into Action
Day of Silence
Move Your Body

Module 4 - This may not look like a "big" module, but the effects on your life are huge and everlasting. Lola used this during her corporate training days, and it's even more powerful now.
Effective Questions
Dead End Questions
Scary Questions
More Training Your Mind To Support You

Module 5
Being Right
I Already Know
Just The Facts, Ma'am
Being Here Now
Baby Fresh Eyes

Module 6
Generating Vibrations By Choice
Attachment vs. Commitment
Generating Laughter
Laughing For Life

Module 7
Unexamined Assumptions
Feed Your Soul
Physical Health and Wellbeing

Module 8
Setting Relationships Right
Deepening Relationships
Seeing People As God Sees Them

Module 9
The Role of Habit In Your Life
Flip It and Fly
Fight or Flight

Module 10
Passion and Purpose
Giving It All A Place To Go
The Fertile Void - Creating Literally From Nothing, and Sending It Back To Nothing When You Don't Want It

Prerequisite: You must take the Online Self-Paced Portal 1 Course first and you register for Portal 2 from inside Portal 1. If you haven't yet taken Portal 1, get started: Register for Portal 1

"I would like to thank you - Lola for all the great resources on your pages
and in the online courses. I am done with JTM now and repeating parts of level two and JTM. I also love the new Mantra videos! Just watched them last night before going to bed and guess what - you appeared in my dream and told me to wake up. :-) It was wonderful to meet you - even though it was just in my dream. I am looking forward to meet you in person soon. I am deeply grateful for your work! Thank you! With love, Stefanie

"Hello Lola, It's been a while... time to check in. I am absolutely loving where Divine Openings is going and I'm intending to do the certification in good time. At the moment I am happily reading the second book and playing my way though Portal 2 online again. I must say the energy (or is it me) is constantly expanding. I'm having experiences with the Portal 2 material that are way higher and more profound than JTM. I might just blast completely off into another dimension when I next play with JTM.

Last night I was awake in bed for hours just communing with mySelf...I had realizations and feelings that go so far beyond what can be repeated or grasped mentally. It was utterly amazing. I recently decided to take up the practice of mindfulness meditation. Within a week it dawned on me that I was subtly working on myself. I simply let go and am now spending a lot less time meditating but when I do it is more like me hanging out with Me. Love it! My work at the hospital is also changing and I often find myself saying things that came from nowhere (nowhere the mind can go) that make such a difference. I am also getting to that place where the teacher is truly within me. Having said that, the community on this planet where I find utmost resonance with what I'm finding from within is the DO community. I am therefore not going to go forth and create my own system :) I'm still playing with ideas on how to combine my natural talents with what Divine Openings is already offering. Some of what the future holds for me will definitely be "formal" Divine Openings sessions, groups, etc. but I also sense possibilities for bringing some of this into mainstream psychology and corporate psychology. The language is just not that clear in my head yet. I'll keep you posted from time to time as the clarity emerges." All my Love, Johan, South Africa
PS: The words I wrote don't do justice to what I'm actually feeling :)
"You have helped me so much.  By the way, I keep getting the "Diving Opening Fragrance" that I first noticed when I opened your book the first time at home and also when i signed up for portal 1 online.  This happened again in a very noticeable way after a Divine Opening I did yesterday while laying down to assimilate the energy, and it happens fairly ofter for no reason, just shows up out of the blue (not really, but I could not help that). Best Wishes to you and continued thanks and appreciation," Ron MacLuckie (South Haven MI)

"I just want to rave about Portal 2 and how much it has given me. Now I'm doing it the second time with the intention to go higher. It was so interesting,each week brought something new for me and sure enough the next week would have the answer. As Tammy sings so beautifully "this must be what I've been praying for...this must be amazing grace..." I highly recommend the second level! A deeper peace & sense of well-being has been given to me... Thanks for being so generous!" Penny Johnson

"Portal 2 is super cool.  I have noticed a difference from Portal 1... I did the Divine Opening with the picture of you at a 5 day yesterday.  That was trippy, in a good way :-) I am up to week 4 in Portal 2. You were right, it is very fun and lighthearted.  Effective Questions are awesome!   I'm enjoying it very much. Have a great day!" Best, Christine, Brooklyn, NY


"Hi Lola, A short note to tell you how wonderful (and powerful) I think EQs are! They're gems that work like a charm to get the mind focused on the joy, fun, excitement and possibility of life and creation. A true gem. THANK YOU!" Sincerely, Jill

"Hi Lola, Thank you! I fell in love with this “process” even more the night I listened to the Soothe Yourself  track for the first time! I realized just how much love from a maternal figure had been missing in my life & how grateful I am that it’s been “showing up” in my life through you!!!! Just since listening to it, for the first time in the 4 months that I’ve been doing Divine Openings I’m finally able to want to harness/lead the free will in such a way that I choose to inspire (rave) myself to move up another step just to see what more is there. With more of the speed bumps/negativity removed I’m feeling the difference within and now I can see that I want to play, play, play & my self-esteem has majorly returned (obviously)!!! The timing for the availability of Portal 2 and the Soothe Yourself track was perfect; how phenomenal it truly is! It does make the ebb & flow just that much more delicious!"  Love, Lisa



Register for Portal 2!

Portal 2 is $279 for just the course if you already have the book that goes with it, Living Large: Mastering Your Power Of Intention (formerly called Watch Where You Point That Thing.)

It's $299 for the course and book together, and that includes the book shipping.
Learn all about what's in it below.

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  • ~ Enter Portal 1 (formerly called Level 1.)
  • ~ Register for Portal 2 on the main page of Portal 1.
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