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    Open Up Your Financial Flow

    The Money Course

    Lola has helped people in 150 countries make money a non-issue, get out of debt, and live their dreams. Change your money vibration, increase your allowing, open your receiving pipes, so that more money can flow to you. $299

First Aid MoneyAllow Money to Come Easier vs. Working Too Hard For it

Money is a a great tool which gives us the freedom to do the things we want to do. If money has been an issue in your life or you are tired of working hard for it, there is good news for you!

line up energy first, and take inspired action after.

No amount of action can overcome contradictory money energy! Get the energy right first. Then you won't work too hard and you can let in the money that Life is trying to bring you - the easier way. During the course we will go directly to the heart of all money challenges – your feelings about money and your vibration about money.

Taking action around money becomes so much more effective when your vibration is aligned with your intentions. The Money Course is full of new energies and enjoyable methods which attune you to a whole new reality where looking after your financial matters even starts feeling like fun!

Leading-Edge Material to Help You Improve Your Money Situation

More than 50 in-depth audios, videos, energy activities, and meditations in The Money Course, and it keeps growing! New media is added often, covering a new aspect of Money and Abundance. Altogether it's a comprehensive course in expanding your money vibration and allowing more money to come into your life, and stay in your life.

  • Structured lessons with slide shows.
  • A whole library of techniques, strategies, games, and activities. 
  • Many channeled meditations that use powerful energy to attune you, and show you how to move energy yourself.
  • Learn how to allow and receive more money, or allow what you need when you need it.
  • Addresses energy AND action strategies.
  • Learn how to align energy before action, so your actions are effective.
  • Get more results with less action.
  • Live in money ease instead of money striving.
  • Learn how to become debt-free.
  • Discover your value. Get a better job or be paid more.
  • Learn the habits of successful people and learn how to use them.
  • Bust your limiting stories about money, including your past generations' stories.
  • Victim vibration and how to shift into your power.
  • Break free of generational patterns and limitations.
  • Learn from the Q&A from participants in the videos.

To get live help from Lola...

Take the optional Money Webinar Series the next time it's offered. It is a powerful combination with this course.

Your Relationship with Money Makes All the Difference

Good, spiritual people often have a poor relationship with money.

Some people consciously judge money and people who have it as wrong, bad, or dirty; others are making money wrong unconsciously. It's a deeply held story or belief that's been perpetuated by religion and even many spiritual teachings.

Some people have a split vibration, so they do "okay" with money, but can't ever seem to get ahead, out of debt, or save for retirement.

Good, deserving people too often don't allow much money to come to them, or they lose it quickly. They don't allow themselves to keep something they deeply feel they are unworthy of.

money-heart-500.jpgVictim Vibration No More: Become aware of the most common money stoppers

If you have a victim vibration overall, that will affect your ability to allow money. You'll feel like you "just can't win." Victims don't allow money to come, or they lose it quickly.

Some of you have sloppy habits of thinking and acting around money. For many of you it's simply a vibrational habit you can alter with a little awareness.

This course addresses just about every aspect of improving your money situation. Lola has seen it all! She's coached and taught people for years and you get the massive library of recordings to guide you step by step on your money journey. Keep them keep for life (as long as you stay active on the site.)


The Money Course Augments the 5 Portals

The Money Course is to be done with or after the Portals, because only the Portals give the Divine Openings foundational basics like worthiness, opening your love pipes to allow more money, Diving In, and the Instrument Panel. We don't duplicate those basics in The Money Course.

Be sure you've taken Portal 1 or take it along with the Money Course.

The Money Course has evolved into a very powerful course, beyond the small 1st Aid course it used to be. It grew as Lola gave live many webinar series' on Money. Still only $299



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