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How Can I Be Happier In Life? Spiritual growth and personal development audio

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You'll use the Classic Diving In/Body Scan Audio and Video Set Over and Over!

  • The introductory 'how-to-use-it' tracks are short. Don't skip those!
  • The 40+ other Diving In/Body Scan sessions range from 22 minutes to one hour. They were all recorded in live courses and sessions, not cold in a studio, so the Divine Energy is flowing full-on. You will usually feel invigorated and happy, or soothed after listening.
  • Each track takes a different perspective, and gives teaching, as well as leading you through the Diving In process. Some of them have Divine Openings at the end. Try different tracks until you find relief.  You'll learn from all of them!

A download page opens instantly upon ordering. You download the tracks. You can either stream them, burn your own CD, or listen to them on your phone, computer or device.

You can begin lightening up TODAY!

Get the set FREE with Portal 1. Or get just the Diving In Set...

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How does the Diving In/Body Scan Audio and Video Set Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth?

What does feeling have to do with it?

This extensive collection of audio and video helps you raise the lower vibrations that created any circumstance, thus changing it, and you, forever. Whenever there's something in your life you don't want, or when something you want is not yet here, there's some tension or torpor (lower vibration or resistance) involved. Maybe you get stuck in feelings, fear those feelings, or want them to go away. This Diving In Audio Set helps you embrace, value, and use those feelings to great effect, freeing your energy and allowing you to rise to new levels of empowerment.

That low vibration and heavy feeling isn't your fault. You may not even know it is there or remember how you picked it up, and you don't need to! This process helps you raise that vibration to a higher one. Once you change, things outside you change.

Lie down and 'let go'.

This process is particularly good for getting your power back from the past and old unconscious resistance (decisions you don't remember, and beliefs you don't know you have). You don't have to know what the resistance is, and you don't have to work at it, analyze it, process it, or suffer.

You just feel the feeling, or scan your body, and The Divine does the heavy lifting. Especially now with the body scan, even those who have difficulty with diving in can succeed. Your part is about 10%, your Large Self does the other 90%. Just let it in!

Things will happen from these audios that you need to understand... so you if you don't already have the book, add Things Are Going Great In My Absence to the cart.

How Can I Let Go?  How Can I Be Happier In Life?

Diving In helps by freeing up energy that is tied up in the past, in hurt, or stress. If relief is not found, that tied up energy often causes physical pain and disease. Diving In frees your heart, mind, and spirit, so that you can move forward. When you have unfinished business from the past that you're dragging along, you have no idea how much it holds you back today .... until it's gone.

Original artwork by Lola Jones

Diving For Pearls, original art by Lola Jones

Trying to heal it, process, analyze it, or make a feeling go away actually perpetuates it! You don't have to re-live it, and we encourage you NOT to figure it out, and to stay OUT of the story about it. To get your tied-up power back so you can use that energy productively, all you do is dive in and experience that feeling thoroughly.

You can transform relationships, money, health, or any other type of challenging situation, just by relaxing, listening, feeling, and letting go. You'll get 11 different sessions so you can do the process until you get relief. And once relief comes, life must shift.

All you do with 'Diving In' is FEEL and let it be done for you. It's not "work", even if it's serious trauma you're dealing with. It's actually pretty easy, and you end up feeling really good afterward or at least a few steps toward better. Then you'll quickly find that your manifesting ability amps up (you can let in more because your pipes are more open), you have more vitality and energy, and inner peace is restored. Diving In speeds up your enlightenment process, taps you back into your inner guidance, and puts your Large Self in the driver's seat. It's a brand new day!

People find that being able to relax and let themselves be guided through it is much easier than reading the book and guiding yourself. After a few times of really "getting it" in private sessions (or now, with these audios), people found that their own inner knowing kicked back in, and they could do it by themselves after that. Then it gets to be natural again, and no formal process is needed.... for the rest of your life! No more healing, seeking, wishing, trying, or working at it. Really. You were born knowing how to flow energy and emotion -- you just got conditioned out of it. Now you can return to your innate wisdom that moves energy "in the now."

Flowing emotion, thus flowing energy, is the key to your liberation and enlightenment - not 'healing' your emotions -- important distinction. Talking about healing emotions implies they are wrong and shouldn't be there. They are valuable and perfect -- once you understand and can move them freely. "Healing them" will keep you trapped in perpetual "healing work" all your life, because negative emotions are not supposed to go away! They're supposed to be understood, appreciated, and moved. Get off the endless wheel of seeking now and start loving every emotion. You will become free.




"The Body Scan just Rocked my Socks!!! .... Torpor!! Who knew?! This is soooo cool!!! Love Always! Katie"

"...As I listened to the "Diving In" audios I was beaming off enough light to keep the entire east coast lit up for a year. "Who knew this Lola had such power." She sends licks of love for your face! I couldn't even sleep last night.”  Love, Mark, New York

"I listened to the first "dive in" audio on Saturday and all I can say is, WHOA Nellie!!!! Merci beaucoup! Pour eternity. Amazing." Frederic

"This morning as I was diving in to some lower vibrational feelings, for the first time ever, I had the experience of joy and welcoming of these or any other lower vibrational feelings. I even broke out in laughter.  Usually, the joy comes after the diving in. This time, I actually felt the distinction between my feelings and me.  I'm not sure how to explain it, but it was as if my Large Self could tell that the feelings were there, rather than the feelings totally engulfing and overpowering the small self.  It was quite a magnificent experience! Thank you, Lola!" Anand-Sara, California

"I purchased the Diving In audios this morning. First thing... as I started listening to the "How To's"  The first sound of your voice, my scalp tingled.  This lasted about a minute.  I had to go back & listen again because I missed what you were saying, I was too freaked out about the tingling! LOL I listed to Soothe The Heart.  I dove into the hurt & pain of my divorce, without the drama that I always attach to it.  I cried so hard I was sobbing.  What was so different about this crying session? I felt the pain washing away.  I wasn't doing the "woe is me, Why me" dialog as I usually do.  There was no blame, no "what if", NOTHING.  I just felt it.  I never thought about my ex once.  I cried for about 5 minutes ( I think).  The calmness gradually came over me.  WOW.  THANK YOU,  THANK YOU,  THANK YOU....."    Love, Pam

"Hi Lola, Many thanks for the "Diving In" audios. For whatever reason I had been extremely resistant to feeling emotions, and allowing emotions to flow in through my body. The 'Microtensing' track has been fabulous help - practical, effective and Divine in its simplicity."  Much love and appreciation, Cath Edwards

"I just listened to your trauma and abuse audio on the diving in audio series, and it's by far the most exquisite piece of therapy I've ever heard. I've been in this field for lo these many years. Nothing I have seen, heard, done or delivered myself even comes close. Another BIG WOW for you!"   Donna

"Hi Lola, this was so awesome, I just had to share: My daughter Brittany called me crying hysterically. I asked her what happened as I thought she had been physically attacked by the way she was crying.  But she said she had complained to her apartment landlord about her noisy upstairs neighbor. He rudely informed her that the lady that lives upstairs is rather large and there is nothing he can do about it. Brittany started getting hysterical again as she told me her “story”, so I interrupted and asked her “How do you feel, right now?”  So paused for a moment to contemplate, and then she calmly but powerfully said, “I’m frustrated.”  And I said good.  (I immediately felt a whoosh as her vibration lifted when she said, “I’m frustrated” – awesome.) She tried to continue with her story by saying “I’m frustrated because…” But I interrupted again and said, “How do you feel? Drop the story and just feel the feeling.” So I walked her through Diving In and by the end of the conversation she was actually laughing.

Well, about 45 minutes later I received the following email from her:

“Almost immediately after I got off the phone with you, the guy who was yelling at me over the phone knocked on my door and apologized. He's old and he said he was yelling because he is hard of hearing and was driving. I told him I thought he was mad at me and yada yada, he apologized and cleared things up. I told him I will just accept that the person above me is just loud, and he laughed. Anyway, I feel even better now. Thanks Ma.”

Then I responded to her: “WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW

How totally awesome is that.  I just love Lola Jones and Divine Openings.  This is super dee dooper.

See what happens when you raise your vibration just a little? I am super excited.

Love ya Love ya. And I just keep reading your book. You're doing great.

See what I mean about not real.  You actually changed your REAILITY just by raising your vibration. AWESOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMME”

This was a wonderful experience for me because I was able to see the Diving In process from two perspectives: my own experience which took a little longer and walking someone else through it which worked immediately. Beautiful."

Thanks Lola

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