Portal 3: 21 Days of Deepening Online

Formerly called 21 Days of Awakening

with Lola Jones

Experience Magic in Ten Minutes a Day

Enjoy 21 Days of Deepening in a row for a powerful intensive, or savor the 21 days on your own timetable.

It's magic in ten minutes a day as you effortlessly embody and integrate everything you've learned in the Portals 1 & 2.

Now you're ready to let it be that easy.

And after this, Portal 4: Jumping the Matrix will be a smooth, exhilarating, and joyful ride for you.

As with all our courses, it's lifetime membership as long as you stay active on the site. Come back and review anytime, and you'll find new, updated things and bonuses.

Enjoy a FREE sample day with nine minute video below.
  • Assimilate and Celebrate
  • Evolve and Expand
  • Go Deeper
  • Fly Higher

Lola Jones, Divine Openings creatorSample Directory of Days

Day 1 - This page, see below for free sample day

Day 2 - Prostrating, with short video, NEW 2018 bonus video

Day 3 - Divine Mother/Father energy nurtures you, group call audio

Day 4 - Master the mind, mind the mouth, with short video, NEW 2018 bonus meditation: Super State.

Day 5  - Super-charge your raving practice with this yummy video where Lola does an incredibly powerful QUIET rave

Day 6  - Confessions of a Cowgirl Guru video to laugh you to a lighter plane!

Day 7 - Slow down to the speed of love, short video

Day 8  - Short video with a musical journey into the heart of beauty

Day 9 - Causeless bliss and practicing humor and laughter to go higher

Day 10 - You might as well be having fun, short video

Day 11  - Top 7 ways people get stuck, and new beginnings group call

Day 12  - How to increase your worthiness

Day 13  - The secret is heart opening

Day 14 -  Drop your baggage and walk on lighter, 12 minute video of Lola speaking live

Day 15  - Practice your Effective Questions, change your habits, upgrade your life

Day 16 -  Peace in heart, home, and mind

Day 17  - More heart opening and unlimited possibility

Day 18 -  1111 and spiritual signs

Day 19  - In this video Lola tells you how to soar like the hawks

Day 20 - Your own silent retreats, two short videos

Day 21 -  Your perfect imperfection and review video

How to Register for Portal 3: 21 Days of Deepening
Portals 1 and 2 are prerequisite.

Register on main page of Portal 2:

  • Log in.
  • Use the site menu (at top) to enter Portal 2.
  • Register on the main page of Portal 2.
  • If you haven't yet taken Portal 2 due to the sequence change, go back into Portal 1 and register for Portal 2 first.

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    LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP as long as you stay active on the site. (We purge inactive members' accounts after two years.) We upgrade courses often! Review all your courses as many times as you like, forever,

    What's in Portal 3?
    Short, concentrated video topics made especially for this retreat, music, new material not in any other course, and Portal 3 advanced energies and intentions.

    Takes only 15 minutes a day max. It's 21 days worth of quick, powerful live visits with Lola! If you miss a day, no worries, just start back up where you left off and do what you can. Most people visit each module more than once, bookmarking their favorites.

    "Portal 3 is my favourite online retreat course ever! And I know I am not the only one on that one. All this yummy, warm, soft, loving bliss shining out from the videos and audios, in this beautifully focused way... mmmmmmmmm. Wish I could put that into German! So there's a job for The Presence." Gabriele, Germany

    Who's it for?

    Anyone who's completed Portal 1 Online Retreat and Portal 2 Online and wants more fun, depth, and expansion. If you haven't yet done both of those, you can still enjoy the video and sample below and savor the waiting for Portal 3.

    In Portals 1 and 2 Online you stopped suffering and struggling and entered a reality of joy and creation (although contrast does still happen!) Portal 3 stabilizes and deepens your experience.

    What Will I Experience in Portal 3?

    You'll be amazed at what happens when you focus this powerfully for only ten minutes each day you do it. It's designed for quick, easy blasts of higher vibration.

    If you're not already totally out of the "working on it" paradigm,
    this will do it. It just won't let you work on it.

    You smoothly and pleasurably integrate all you've done in the Portal 1 Online and Portal 2 Online. Building on the ease and Grace of Portal 2, you find that it's now easier to expand and evolve with less and less time, and very little effort.

    You could do 21 days in a row--or you could spread it out over months--there are no rules. Enjoy and nurture yourself!

    As with life, there is absolutely no value in rushing . The value comes in living into it consciously.

    Savor, feel, and live into each day fully.

    Experience it.

    Take it in deeply. Live it!

    You'll soak up these fresh new energies, deepen your enlightenment, expand and evolve. Your experience is tailored to you by your Large Self.

    • Enjoy a brief but potent daily or weekly retreat into your core essence
    • Soak up the Divine Mother Love from Lola
    • Build your momentum to a higher frequency as resistance drops away
    • Adjust and fine tune your personal and spiritual growth trajectory
    • Get on a bigger wave for an even healthier, happier, more fulfilled life
    • Get insights and worthiness you're finally now ready for
    • Give yourself a delicious treat
    • Live into the energies through the experiences and contrasts your life is offering right now
    • Watch it play out in your life as manifestation follows focus and vibration
    • Be fully prepared for Jumping the Matrix (Portal 4) if you choose to go on

    It's like pressing the reset button for a fresh new start every day you do it, allowing your vibration to be entrained toward an ever higher trajectory with the greatest of ease.

    "Lola, I was thrilled at how powerful each day was. Maybe I was just ready for it, or maybe it's how brief, focused, and concentrated each day is, but I zoomed higher. Thank you thank you." Lily, Australia

    "Having that fast, easy routine each day was just what I needed. Plus it was a real treat, and true to Divine Openings philosophy it was elevation without work. The things that happened were really tangible for me- you wouldn't believe- well, yes you would... I got out of debt in just over twenty one days." Timothy, Phoenix

    "I had already done every course you offer and was just waiting for something new, fun, fresh, and stimulating to my evolution. This was it! So much love to you and yours." Gillian, UK

    Sample directory of days above.

    Experience this Free Sample Day
    with Nine Minute Video


    Day 1: Let in More

    spiritual awakening, enlightenment 21 days


    It's all about enjoying the journey, and when you authentically get to that place, you really do stop being in a rush to get anywhere. You start having a great life, right here, right now, at each step of the way.

    There is a Divine Mother Hug in each of these 21 modules, in the videos, songs, audio, or art. Divine Mother Hugs are soothing, and not accelerating like Divine Openings. If there's resistance, you don't need more Divine Openings by this time. You don't need to try to speed up if the brakes are on, you need to soften, relax, and let go more! Divine Mother Hugs help you do just that.

    If there's little resistance, you still don't need more Divine Openings, you need to go inside more! It's all about enjoying, letting go, and letting it in at this level.

    The video below exudes powerfully focused Grace from Lola's live presence, and tunes you in to the frequency of your Large Self.

    You might review Portal 3 again later, because by then your life will be offering new experiences to apply it to, and we'll have added more good things. People review favorite days over and over when they just want a fresh hit of bliss or inspiration.

    We begin and end Portal 3 making it okay that you'll always want more, but that you can be happy with where you are NOW in every powerful moment.

    Love and Grace,