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Melinda Gates spiritual coaching, counseling, healing sessions

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Melinda Gates

Divine Openings Guide, Guide Certification Program Mentor,
and Author of The Divine Openings Playbook. 

In San Antonio, Texas and worldwide by Zoom and phone. 

Relief is Here, Now

"Melinda is a skilled counselor, physical healer and loving presence. No matter where you are, she can help you get where you want. In 2015, we were delighted to have Melinda join the Guide Certification and Mentoring team." Lola Jones

3 Ways to Work with Melinda

Sessions with Melinda


A short series of one-on-one sessions can help free you from old patterns and orient you with the flow of life, which flows for you. 

Webinars with Melinda Gates


Connecting with others in a high vibration of focused attention can propel you forward like nothing else. 

Private Sessions with Melinda Gates


No matter what your specific personal or career goals, the Mentoring and Guide Programs can kick-start a whole new level of expansion for you.

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Soften, deepen and expand in Personal Sessions

In over 10 years with Divine Openings I've developed keen insight into how (and why) we pick up habits that limit joy, stifle creativity, hold back flow and prevent connection. I've also developed clear understanding of how to help create better, life-affirming habits. 

Together in sessions we pinpoint habitual patterns that hold you back and explore new ways of thinking and feeling that free you to move forward. You learn to differentiate between story and direct, embodied experience and are deeply supported in rediscovering the beautiful truth of who you already are. 

When you align with this truth, you're aligned with life. Now, life can flow you. None of this is work. If you bring the willingness, grace does the heavy lifting. 


Sessions are for anyone who has read or is reading Things Are Going Great in My Absence.

Purchase 3 Divine Openings Sessions (if you are new to Divine Openings): $360


Purchase 1 Divine Openings Session: $125


Learn more and hear session audios...

Whatever challenge you may be experiencing, there’s a good chance I’ve faced it too. I've struggled with trauma, addiction, suicidal depression and chronic illness as well as with relationships, money, grief, work and most other aspects of living in this world. I've hurt myself and others and made monumental mistakes.

But with the help of Divine Openings I've experienced how even cold, heavy things, gently held and fully felt, can lift me beyond what I thought possible and make me kindling for others. That, I believe, is a joy each of us was made for. 


Audio: Feel Better 
In this 10-minute audio recorded in a small group webinar, I explore how bringing presence to any situation can help you release resistance and feel better.

Audio: Body Presence  
Being present, awake and aware in your body is the foundation for a life-experience aligned  with grace. Deepen into your body and create an anchor to this moment as you listen to this  short audio from a small group call.

Audio: New Strategies  
In this audio with Eric we isolate essential strategies that can transform the experience of Diving In. We practice consciously 'staking our claim' on the Instrument Panel with warmth, strength, ownership and curiosity.


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Questions? Email me at:

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"Our session today was life altering in so many ways, I've had a million different 'h-ha's! Before I spoke with you, all coaches sounded the same, like they were coaching from an instruction manual or straight from a book. But you are different. You are divinely guided, not rehearsed. Thank you for lighting this spark in me!"

"Hi my dear Melinda, I am so grateful for you and the enlightenment that you bring to the planet! I feel truly blessed to know you. And my how you have expanded since the last time we have talked! Thank you, thank you, thank you." 

"Hi Melinda, wanted to thank you again for our time together on Sunday. It was sooo incredibly impactful and powerful/empowering, beyond words how deep it has taken me... It’s as if a door opened…or a veil dropped. Being in my body, in the moment, is already becoming a familiar new habit. And I love it. I am so happy I reached out when I did to have these talks with you."

"...I am moving up and up and up and up and finding my power more and more and more, and the space I take up on the planet feels so different from the way it did six months ago. I don't know that I'll ever have enough words to express the love and appreciation for how you have changed my life (or shown me how to change it myself)..."

"Melinda's access to grace is contagious and incredibly comforting. A call with her leaves me feeling calmer and connected to my Larger Self and the Divine. I recently had a life-changing breakthrough while speaking with her..." 

"Melinda guides with love and brings the essence of the Divine into every interaction. She celebrates every expansion with me, and when things are feeling bad she helps me see them in a different light—so many times I have come to her feeling despondent and come away feeling hopeful. Her warm, caring, loving guidance has been an enormous comfort and a beacon of hope to me as I navigate a very difficult time in my life." 

"Melinda, your very presence, were you never to say a word, is such a catalyzing agent of Grace/Divine! There's a Knowing Glowing that radiates like a Cosmic Furnace, albeit comfortable and relaxed." 

"Oh Melinda! It was soooo wonderful to finally connect with you. I knew I was a Melinda fan, but now I'm a fan in a whole new way! There were so many pearls of wisdom that are so helpful to me... so many of your perspectives keep washing over me in such a soothing way. Thank you!"

Be Mentored by Melinda and Lola in the Guide Certification and Mentoring Programs

No matter what your specific personal or career goals, the Mentoring and Guide Programs can kick-start a whole new level of expansion for you. Empowerment is the hallmark of these revolutionary programs. Whether your desire is for personal growth or to become a professional session-giving Divine Openings Guide, the Guide Certification and Mentoring  Program is tailored to meet your needs. 

I was the first to graduate from the Guide Program in 2013 and was thrilled to become a Mentor  in 2015. With exclusive training resources and personalized coaching, infused by the uniquely powerful Divine Openings vortex of grace, this is truly a one-of-a-kind program.  

Email for more information or to schedule your Application Session!


You can pay for your Application session here ($100):


"Melinda, again...can’t thank you enough. Had a chance to let the energy assimilate & I just registered for the Mentoring program! So excited too for this next adventure! I’m sure you have no doubt about this, but the work you are doing is such a gift to people & the planet! I dig the way you approach it too...very easy going & personable!" 

"Hi Melinda, thank YOU! I’ve just sat and listened to our final mentoring conversation again as I LOVED it so much… about magical! Wowzers! It would be a real delight to keep in touch... So much love to you!"

"Well I'm off and running...paid the tuition fee and ordered your book. Many thanks for the call. I woke feeling calm and relaxed...walked out on my balcony to see birds soaring all around...what a delight!! I have been more aware of the connection between negative self talk and a drop in vibration. I was shopping when this happened, found a seat, held my own hand, lovingly sat with the shifted!!"

"I understood things in a much different way today. I’m looking forward to listening to our recording again 'cause I want to really imprint those vibrations!! Gives me goose bumps just to think about all the grace that showed up for us!! For some reason you’ve given me a much calmer feeling about the Guide program. I feel like I'll be comfortable navigating through it with you...Thank you again!!"

Playbook Cover

Melinda's 'Playbook' is your personal training manual!

I am so pleased to share my book, The Divine Openings Playbook, A Companion Guide and Journal for 'Things Are Going Great In My Absence'.  

This hands-on, play-along companion to Lola Jones' Things will help you more deeply embody its teachings and enhance its practical value in your daily life. It's your personal training manual! It will awaken your senses, engage your heart, and soothe your mind so that it becomes even easier to let go and let the Divine do the heavy lifting. See more about The Divine Openings Playbook.

Or order it now!

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"As founder and steward of Divine Openings, I’m delighted to recommend Melinda's 'Divine Openings Playbook'... Melinda powerfully shares her own experience, her stumbles as well as her successes, and shows you how to use whatever happens in your daily life to take you higher. You’ll especially love it if you’ve 'done it all' and are looking for a new way to play and go deeper while reviewing the basics."

"Melinda I am raving about your Playbook! What a joy it is to read or just have on my lap! I don't know how you do it, but holding this book in my hands sends waves of energy through my body and I enjoy just having it with me." 

"Melinda has a gift for creating space for others to transform in—she does this brilliantly in her one-on-one sessions, and she's done the same thing here with this Playbook. This is a wonderful companion to Lola Jones's 'Things are Going Great In My Absence', and it truly reflects what Melinda does best: creating space for you to go deeper."

"In 'Things Are Going Great in My Absence', readers awaken to divine grace and get to know the address of pure joy. Melinda's radiant companion, 'The Divine Openings Playbook', deepens our relationship with Lola's teachings, with ourselves, and with divine grace... She shines a light on major points in 'Things Are Going Great' and encourages us to journal, play, grow, dance, and to really…finally...let go. A true companion."  

"How delicious! Thank you Melinda for giving us such a joyful possibility to stay even more tuned in to the Divine Openings process. I love your book! I am touched by your honesty and clarity. It reminds me to say yes just at the right moment and feel the feelings showing up. It is so powerful and brings us even deeper into our Large Self perspective."

"As a Divine Openings Guide holding regular book groups and guiding clients to a deeper understanding of Divine Openings, this book offers all the information and practical steps needed... What a comfort and joy! This book sends out rays of light into the world. Please receive my gratitude for bringing it into manifestation!" 

"This book is a perfect companion to Lola's 'Things Are Going Great'. It offers various options to go even deeper and touches both your brain and your soul. Helpful repetitions bring you closer and closer to the core messages of Lola's book and finally to the Divine within yourself. Melinda, I love your style of writing; it’s both inspiring and entertaining." 

"Melinda Gates’s delightful Playbook illustrates beautifully how to embrace the Divine Openings experience more in our daily lives. A treasure trove of activities, thoughts, and embodied action, this book truly gives the reader a way to live more richly. I highly recommend it for both new and advanced people in Divine Openings and know that wherever you are on your path, it will deepen your experience, as it did mine."  

"This book is a masterful companion to 'Things Are Going Great in my Absence' and also stands alone as a clear practical guide to living a joy-filled empowered life. Melinda's lovely organized presentation and flow of ideas makes for easy reading and the book is absolutely rich with easy ideas and is great fun too. Highly recommended." 

"I forgot to mention to you how much I appreciate the Playbook, both personally and for my class. I've used numerous activities from it and people find them super helpful. I also got an email from my dad last night. He's an Episcopal priest and a big fan of Lola's 'Things'. He bought your Playbook and is LOVING it! He wrote: 'I am reading Gates' Playbook right now and am excited by the centrality of God's grace, not earned but gifted and central, which I have believed for years.'" 

"I'd like to celebrate your Playbook. I actually resisted getting it for some time: 'Play! Pah! I don't need to play', snort!!! When I saw it was on the list of items for the Mentoring Program a little part of me celebrated and said, 'oh well, we have to play now, it's part of the programme!' This book has been a marvel getting me out of my head and into my body. I love the activities. It has made me realize just how much I live in my head and 'feel' with my thoughts, my mind."

Small Group Webinars

Connecting with others in a high vibration of focused attention can propel you forward like nothing else. 

In small group coaching calls you develop a rock-solid foundation for your continued unfolding. These calls bring the basic, essential principles of Divine Openings to life in functional, grounded and practical ways.

Registering again soon: Holiday 'Presence'

In the season of celebration and light we can easily lose ourselves in habits of over extension and flight.

At this busy time, join me to pause, center and touch into the true gift of your own sacred presence.

In five weekly meetings (via Zoom) you will practice showing up more fully - and kindly - for yourself.  Even if this has been hard in the past, the grace-boosts of Divine Openings and group intention will help you relax into a more conscious, embodied experience. Experience is the key word here. The intention is for you to feel more connected, expanded, cherished and loved. 

As you radiate this possibility into the world, you will naturally become a source of inspiration and illumination for others. What a beautiful holiday gift for yourself, your friends, your family and world!

Calls will occur via Zoom from 11AM - noon Central Time on 4 Sundays in December. The cost is $125.  


Registering again soon: 'Awakening Our Yes' 

If Divine Openings provides the grace, Yes is the means to let it in.

As we awaken to Yes, we become increasingly non-resistant and deeply engaged and aligned with what is. When we start with acceptance and then turn our attention in the direction of what we want, the life we've desired can easily come into focus.

In this 4-week group series we explore the barriers to Yes and ways we can support our ongoing awakening to it. 

The cost is $120.

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"Dear sweet Melinda, just back from immersing in the recording from today and oh wow, the webinar was so very awesome, every bit of it, and the meditation...beyond words incredible! Sending thanks again, this is all such a gift and you are a blessing beyond words. Grace flows so sweetly here."   

"Today again was so precious... Each week is such an incredible deepening. Thank you so much for being here and bringing these reminders forward as you do. I wish there was a way to continue a weekly committed group like this with you. It serves in so many ways to have this touchstone."  

"Thanks for the recording! Give it another listen? I’ll probably listen to it twice a day! Haha, mostly kidding, but there’s no question that I will be listening to it several times this week, starting in a few minutes. Thank you for today. It was delicious. Our time together brought me into a really soft space, and that felt great..."

"Hi Melinda, wow - loved the Holiday Presence audio. Your distinction between being present in the moment and bringing our warm presence to that moment felt so profound. What a great tool, 'cuz then we can stop and ask ourselves 1) Are we present with our experience? and 2) How are we showing up for ourselves around that experience?... It's a beautiful teaching." 

"That meditation at the end was super powerful! Thank you for creating it. I will use it this week while I’m visiting family for Christmas!"  

One-on-one sessions with Melinda Gates

Scheduling your one-on-one session

Three is a good number. For most people who are new to Divine Openings, three sessions are necessary to stabilize in the higher vibrations and begin to more consciously get control of their minds and allow the Divine to do the heavy lifting. After that, sessions can be scheduled individually. 

My schedule is flexible. I do work on weekends. Mornings are generally better for me but let me know what works for you! I am in Texas, US, in the Central Time Zone. Use this converter to figure out the time difference: 

After purchasing your sessions, email me at: to schedule!

Series of 3 sessions: $360: 

Single session: $125:

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