"Love" Original Music by Lynda Collins

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Lynda Collins beautifully created this ablum, titled "Love", and is eager to share her high vibrations and playful energy through her music with all of you.

This album includes eight upbeat, playful, beautiful, and high energy songs. See below for track list and a few song samples!

Lynda has a high vibration... you can hear it in her music... it will uplift you, and that's why we often play it at retreats!

Lynda Collins is a singer-songwriter and environmental law professor who lives in Ottawa, Canada.  She has been singing as long as she can remember and began playing guitar and writing music in the 1990s.

She discovered Divine Openings eight years ago and is eternally grateful for this evolving, joyful journey. She offers her music for soothing, pleasure, and dancing, in the hopes that it will speak to your soul.

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Please enjoy some samples of her beautiful, high energy music:

Click here to listen to the "Directions" sample

Click here to listen to the "All My Mistakes" sample

Click here to listen to the "Love Oceanic" sample

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"Love" by Lynda Collins Track List:

1. "Directions"

2. "35"

3. "Love Oceanic"

4. "Sunny, Cold Day"

5. "Not A Break-Up Song"

6. "Soft Inside"

7. "Sacred Procrastination"

8. "All My Mistakes"