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Welcome to Portal 2 - Module 2 Free Trial

Enjoy this preview of Portal 2!

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Spend several weeks practicing the Keys in this module!


Each week will include something for those of you who are still dealing with a few challenges (contrast is good and goes on forever) and something for those of you who are soaring "onward and upward."

All of it is beneficial for everyone.

Portal 2 is about expanding into surfing life in ease and flow!

Get in the flow with this new video from a November 2019 live webinar with Lola:

The audio: Getting in the Flow

To register for a webinar series, go here. They are giving results more powerful than sessions, so Lola is doing them regularly!

NEW Key: YOU Create Meaning from Events, and in Life

What happens actually has no meaning until we create it. Meaning makes life worth living, but are we creating it deliberately and productively... or unconsciously?

This fun graphic shows how we humans create meaning out of objective events, and then react to our own creation!

What happens can be observed neutrally--"it is what it is"--OR we can create a big story around it, give it more meaning, and amplify it.

Witness your mind generating meaning, and consciously decide if it's helpful or not! You can create a meaning that works for you.

Key: Meditate for Pure Pleasure

Because it's all about feeling good.

You can still meditate to get completely out of the way, but I suggest you meditate for the pleasure of it. Your mind doesn't have to be totally blank. It works even if your thoughts are soft and fuzzy and just floating by. Or your mind can be clear and focused. You'll know when you're out of the way.



Key: Pleasure Practices

As you watch movies, videos, TV, and hear music, ask yourself, "How does it make me feel?" Be kind to yourself with things that feel good.

Watch and enjoy this video to get in the vortex at the vibration of Portal 2 - Ease and Joy. It's Deva Premal and Miten's song Om Kumara (Innocence). Lola has all of their music and has seen them live in concert six times!

Staying Awake, and Free Will

Life is an experience that unfolds gradually, revealing unimagined wonders at each level. No one can tell you about them. You only know when you experience them for yourself. Divine Openings puts you on the automatic evolution path. You don't have to work on yourself anymore. Just be willing. Just be conscious. Just stay awake.

I thought about calling this Portal 2 course, "Staying Awake." You do still have Free Will, so you get to choose how to fly your plane now. You still get to tip the nose up or down in any given moment. To give you permanent enlightenment, permanent bliss, to MAKE you stay awake, The Divine would have to take away your Free Will.  I don't think we want that. How much more satisfying to choose in each moment to go with The Divine Flow or not.


Key: Ebb and Flow, and Surfing

We actually came here to enjoy that choice, even to enjoy the ebb and flow. How delicious is it to return to bliss after even a slight ebb away from it? The Biblical story of the prodigal son tells how our Large Self sees it -- how ecstatic our Large Self is each time we return from our wanderings.

Ever notice how good you feel after you've had a cold, and then you feel fabulous the day after it's over? Or how when you've gotten really grimy, you feel so good after a shower? How good it feels to return home to a loved one after a trip?

You don't have to feel bad to appreciate feeling good, but nevertheless it does feel exhilarating to crest that wave after a trough. There is more contrast, more G-force, more thrill.

Savor the contrasts, and the ebb and flow, and you are free. 


There's a huge power and freedom in coming to savor the surfing of all feelings and experiences, even the contrasts.

So you're an amateur surfer?

So was every surfer, at one time. I was walking the beach, watching the surfers. They spend more time paddling out, waiting for a good wave, and falling off than surfing, by far.

Fortunately, the Grace of Divine Openings makes it a LOT easier than that!

Feel it .... as you surf the crest .... as you move toward your Large Self and bliss...... and then feel the troughs between the wave crests as you move away from your Large Self.

When you can surf any feeling, you find, much to your surprise that you can actually enjoy feelings that you used to resist. It's all experience, and your Large Self loves it all.

And once you not only don't resist, but savor the feelings, they rise up the altimeter very rapidly.

A sailor or a surfer knows that waves have both crests and troughs. Enjoy both!

You'll always feel more dramatically high feelings as a new acceleration is happening. When you're taking off in an airplane, the G force is strong, and it feels very exciting. But once you get up to flying altitude, you can't even tell you're moving, though you're going 500 miles per hour!

A Dog Who Learned To Surf!

Watch this video about a dog and guide dog trainer who learned to stop resisting and find the flow.
The song, "Do I Make You Proud" is inspiring too.
Sing it to your Large Self.

The answer is always yes; your Large Self is always adoring you and cheering you on.


Key: Enjoy Challenge and Contrast

Admit it! You love contrast! You go to see movies about it.

You push boundaries and seek  out challenge when life gets boring.

Contrast is a major element of the design of this particular Universe. In the non-physical you didn't have that wide and varied contrast, and so created a whole amusement park of it here.


FUN ACTIVITY: Watch the movie Surf's UP! from a Divine Openings perspective.

Warrior Vibration!

Divine Openings student Lee N. was talking with me at lunch about how, especially being a man, he enjoys challenge, and is playing around with the warrior perspective. Not in actual battle or fighting, but in the attitude of a warrior -- testing your mettle, pushing your limits, and hitting challenges head on in life.

He loves that contrast. You and I do too, if you think about it. The song in the surfing dog video comes to mind.

I talk a lot about ease, but too much ease is boring and makes you lazy. Your muscles get flaccid when you don't work out. Your mind and spirit get flaccid when you don't challenge yourself and expand. So I was glad Lee brought up that flip side of ease.

We love sinking our teeth into a challenge, seeing how we can handle it powerfully, masterfully, and creatively. It may call for love or tough-love, muscle or talk, brains or heart. Sometimes it may even call for something radical, but in your wisdom you know-- and it works.

If they don't create enough healthy challenges, and there is an inner need for it, many people create drama instead. I've noticed that I create little glitches when things are going too easily. First I get the rush of the apprehension, then I get the thrill of solving it or creating a miracle.

Less aware or more resistant people might create accidents, financial crises, conflicts, breakups, problems, health issues -- all those and more are common results of not giving yourself a healthy outlet for the challenges your soul is craving. It's telling you. Are you listening and following, or do you call those things "out of your control"?

You came here for expansion, evolution, contrast, and adventure. Give yourself big helpings of it on purpose and consciously. Take healthy risks, do things out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, learn something new (not seeking!), do your heart's desires, do that long awaited project. Go beyond your previous limits.

After I had been in ease for a few years, it got a little boring, a little flat. So I created more contrast by doing something I was very passionate about, but not necessarily confident with!

I created more challenge by learning to sing, which was one of the most challenging things I'd ever done. I had quit two times before. You will get to ease, too, if you stick to this and don't go back to seeking and fixing and modality hopping. Enjoy imagining the day you start creating challenge on purpose because you have too much ease!

Inspired by Lee, let's get back to thinking about you being a brave and powerful warrior, or a peaceful warrior, or a gentle hero, however you want to create it.

FUN ACTIVITY: Watch the movie Michael again. Thirteen years ago, I didn't get this movie nearly as I get it now, from the vibration I'm in now.

It is really good. It's about the contrast of this plane, which Michael savors to the max. His warrior scenes, and how he relishes the fight, will crack you up!

(In the Bible, archangel Michael fought Satan and cast him out of Heaven. I get that Satan is a creation of, and a reflection of, man's own ignorance, fear, and darkness at the time that was written. Primitive man didn't take responsibility for his creations -- it was all somebody else's fault -- either God or Satan. So I don't give Satan, or any other primitive religious concepts, or anything in the universe, power over me, but I'm just telling you the background, so you know Michael was the quintessential warrior. The movie subtly assumes you know that.)



How are you currently generating your challenges?
How would you like to be doing it?

Hero or Victim?

When you're the hero, the powerful, confident, peaceful warrior, or a "surfer of life" there's no room in your vibration for victim feelings.

A woman I know well had a major accident or broke a bone about every six months, and it was happening more and more frequently (she was obviously not a client or this would have resolved sooner.) She'd say, "It came out of the blue." Nothing comes out of the blue when you're awake. Let that phrase, "It came out of nowhere", be a wake up call to you to claim you created it, even if from a blind spot, and so take your power back.

That woman wasn't living the life she really wanted to live, and for nine years was with a man she didn't want, who was definitely not on her wavelength or fulfilling to her in any way except giving her a comfort zone and providing a bit of money to the household (he's generous but not very good with money himself). He's a decent guy, but not the one for her. Not one of her friends got it, although he's likeable. She said twenty times that she was breaking up with him, but it never happened; she put off the date, or he talked her out of it.

Once when she asked for advice, I told her, "It's simple. You're hurting yourself, figuratively and literally, rather than facing the new challenges of being independent. Each time you cave in to what he wants, and let yourself down, you hurt yourself on the inside. Then it happens on the outside." she finally got it and started a new life with a suitable partner.

How to Smooth Out The Speed Bumps and Hiccups of Contrast?

  • You say YES to the contrasts and appreciate them for the nudge or blessing in them. 
  • Intend to let go of eternal processing, and just live.
  • Don't make lower feelings wrong and don't label them "issues to work on". It's just feelings indicating a need to evolve.
  • Notice them, feel them, experience them fully and they'll naturally move up.
  • Don't try to fix it with your mind or by working on it.
  • Stop asking when there won't be any more speedbumps or hiccups (that's resisting them and creates more resistance). Just intend to let them move more easily (no resistance).
  • Intend to appreciate all feelings in general, and you'll stop fearing them, and that helps you stop creating or attracting them. When there's a charge on something, want it or not, it is attracted to you.
  • Love yourself for having them and they will flow and raise in vibration.
  • Imagine how wonderful it will be when your road is smoother.
  • Feel appreciation for how many speed bumps have already smoothed, and how much better you feel after that.
  • Declare that your life is about joy, not processing and lessons.

Key: Secondary Gain

In the story above, the money he contributed, that she thought she couldn't let go of, was small compared to the medical bills caused by being in a relationship that is not a vibrational match for her.

That's called secondary gain, when the person can't let go of something because they think they'd lose something of value. Almost always, the secondary gain is an illusion, but they're feeling so powerless their mind convinces them they can't let go of it. The clue that power is being given away is when you feel you must have that something and there's no other way to get it.

The "comfort zone" her partner's provided is not actually very comfortable at all, and it's getting more and more uncomfortable as she gets more and more into debt each time she's out of work with medical bills, and as she daily sees the mismatch. See how the secondary gain is not really a "gain"? It should be called "the illusion of secondary gain". The truth is, if she really wanted a man who would support her, she could have that, and be in love with him, and be satisfied and compatible. She doesn't need to settle, but her worthiness and self love is not sufficient to convince her of that.

That makes her a victim. Things go wrong for victims--often. If they don't claim their creations and change their vibration, they sink deeper into powerlessness over what's going on.

She gets to overcome major challenges alright; she's a trooper, never slows down for long, and the doctors applaud her. But the challenges are all reactive, not proactive. She didn't create them deliberately, she backs into them and calls them accidents. For those who are claiming their power, there are no accidents. By believing in accidents and calling them accidents, you've given your power away. You're a victim in a random universe. When you insist there are no accidents and take responsibility (not blame) you are on the road to getting your power back. She did finally take back her power!

There's no blame, it's not your "fault". If you were conditioned since childhood to feel like a victim and feel powerless, you didn't know any better. Now you do. The minute you claim that your vibration created it because you didn't know better than to vibrate that, you have your power back!

Say "it's no accident"
just to get your power back!

Will you be a hero in your challenges, or a victim of them? Think about your own life. Do you wait to get fired, and then get your challenge muscles stretched by scrambling to pay the bills while you find a job? Or do you meet it head on like a warrior or a hero and find the new work, then quit as a hero? Do you take action in fading away from relationships that are not healthy for you, or do you get your challenge needs met by dealing with the constant problems staying in it causes? Many people watch soap operas, action movies, or horror movies to feel challenged vicariously.

It all works, and you can't do it wrong, but some ways sure are more fun and satisfying than others!

Be proactive, and you won't be as reactive.


Key: Retraining Your Mind

So your enlightenment process is underway. You've bought your ticket, you're on the plane, and you're in the air. Sometimes you can feel the high altitude. It's exhilarating!

You've turned off the switch to the Ancient Mind. And yet, still, the mind is like an electric fan -- the blades still turn for awhile after you turn it off. Your mind had decades of programming, conditioning, training (most of it unconscious and outside your awareness).  You might have practiced those ways of being for decades. The mind is very machine-like and tends to keep doing whatever it was doing. It doesn't even question whether it was working or not!

Its blades MAY or may not keep turning for a while after your enlightenment is initiated, and for a while it keeps cranking out the same old stuff. You hear it, but you don't buy it so much anymore. You question it. You doubt it. You challenge it.

Then you begin to simply ignore it. You have better things to do and think about. It doesn't even get your attention. You're not hooked or run by it so much anymore.

Oh, you listen when it warns you about something important. "Don't cross the street, there's a truck coming." But when it doesn't know when to stop with the fear messages, you sometimes just say to it, "That is not even true! Bug off!" Other times you shake your head and laugh.

You begin to know that you are not your mind. That it is a somewhat primitive tool you have for practical calculations and information processing. Then you become more aware that your highest intelligence doesn't even come from your mind. It comes from some mysterious location that you can't quite pinpoint: you have a sense it's Your Large Self, The Universal Intelligence. It knows everything! It can calculate faster than any computer! It can factor in innumerable variables to bring you the best data and the best conditions.

You notice the difference in quality between small mind stuff and Divine mind messages. And more and more over time, the Divine mind gets louder and the small mind fades into the background. Where we used to refer to the "still small voice inside," now with Divine Openings, soon the Large Self voice is the dominant one! The small self is the smaller voice, back there in the back seat. It may pitch a fit occasionally, but it is nevertheless in the back seat.

Since you still have Free Will, and you have the choice to have all kinds of thoughts, and to put your focus on things that will tip the nose down as well as things that will tip it up, your mind needs re-training. It needs new habits. It doesn't need fixing, healing, cleansing, or clearing. Just retraining. Just new habits. It's not sick, broken, or dirty. It's just doing its habit. It will do new habits with training.

Appreciate your mind, but you don't always have to listen to it!

Pleasure Practices take your mind off what you don't want and focus it on what you enjoy. Don't work on yourself, treat yourself! Love up on yourself.

One day many years ago a skinny, stinky, dirty young black dog showed up at our ranch. She was a basket case. She had been so severely abused that we couldn't touch her. She would run and throw her head from side to side violently. But she was magnetized to our house, and never left. When we finally could touch her briefly, we discovered a jagged scar from one side of her throat to the other. Either she had been tied with a claw choke collar or her throat had been deliberately cut.

We couldn't get a leash or collar on her, obviously. She was supernaturally strong even at about four months. We thought we'd rehabilitate her, spay her, get her shots, and thus qualify her at a no-kill shelter. This dog stood zero chance of adoption as she was.

As she trusted us, and could be bathed and petted, we began to see her true self peeking out. Still, it looked like a lot of work, and she tore up everything in the yard that she could find. I couldn't leave anything out there. She was a crazed destruction machine. Until a pet psychic who happened to call me told us that she would soon "wake up," we almost gave her up for adoption.

But wake up she did. Her consciousness began to flower. In this sane, loving environment, her innate intelligence emerged, and it was as if she evolved rapidly in front of our eyes, with very little work! She stopped chewing everything except her toys and bones. She became calm, obedient, affectionate, and fun.

We didn't heal, fix, cleanse, or clear her. We loved her and she woke up, like you and I did. We then began retraining her, like you are retraining your mind.

We taught her to sit, stay, bow, and "leave it." Now she will drop anything, even a piece of meat, if we say "leave it." Will your mind do that yet?

An unruly mind is like a terrified wild animal in your head.
Do want that running your life?

The mind can be a crazed runaway monkey, tearing up your house, scattering garbage all over everything, and making a huge racket. When it's doing that, the Grace that is flowing to you can get somewhat blocked from coming in. Of course, you can't totally keep Grace out, no matter what you do. It's too powerful. But you can sometimes diminish it.

So when you choose to turn your mind in a productive direction, you are "getting out of the way" and letting Grace do what it is trying to do for you. When you notice your mind doing destructive things, you can distract it, change its focus, or use some of the methods we'll talk about in the coming weeks.


It's not work, it's just a little retraining.


Play With Your Mind, Don't Let It Play With You

Give your mind things to do so it doesn't get bored and create drama and hassles for something to do. Create, build, invent, produce, play! Make it your servant.

A popular device in old Greek plays was a deus ex machina, a Divine Intervention where a sudden event unexpectedly brings about a resolution to an unsolvable problem. Write a script in which you're the subject of the deus ex machina, and Divine Grace sends someone or something to help you. Make it juicy, sexy, and exciting, with all the sights, smells, and sounds of the scene.

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Summary and Application

  • How will it be when your mind has new, more productive habits?
  • What will it feel like to have your mind supporting you?
  • How nice will it be when you enjoy the ebb and flow of bliss rather than judging it?
  • How wonderful will it be when the road is smoother?
  • What can I appreciate right now about how far I've come?



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Your Divine Opening

Gaze for 2 minutes, then close your eyes, lie down, and rest for at least 15 minutes, if not more.
Allow 7-14 days for assimilation.


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