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Favorite Movies and TV Shows

Divine Openings logo, lotus, uplifting mediaSend us your favorites, Lola will view and post if she likes them. This page is low priority time-wise, so it's not updated often and is not a complete list of all the movies Lola has watched.

We like Fandango.com or RottenTomatoes.com to see movie trailers and ratings before we watch.

Movies first, in no particular order.  TV at bottom.

My favorite must-see movies to stretch your concepts of time and reality: 

  • Arrival - It's not scary, so relax and enjoy. Brilliant, intelligent, non-cliche view of aliens. Look for how language shapes your reality. Watch it more than once. I've seen it many times and get something new each time because it's so subtle, complicated, and finely nuanced.
  • About Time - Down to earth story of life, family, interfering in others' reality, and playing with time.
  • The Kid - What if your past and future selves could help you? (They can.)
  • Interstellar - Long movie, but finally comes to a really cool insight about time.
  • Contact - An older, long movie with Jody Foster and Matthew McConnahey.
  • A Wrinkle in Time - See it as a child would. I read the book when I was nine, and again after seeing this movie! Ahead of its time.

These two documentaries are scientifically validated:

  • Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible - A must-see documentary film. I saw it free on cable TV and it's on AppleTV, YouTube, and others to rent or buy. 
  • Among Us - I know my work has extraterrestrial elements in it, but this is the only credible documentary about ET's that I've ever seen. You'll see Caroline Cory again in this documentary. She's the "best energy study subject" in the documentary above, and she produced this one. It is validated by credible science and scientists. We saw it on Amazon Prime.


Lola's Comments:
Use your own judgment - I go by how it feels to ME.

Collateral Beauty 

One of my all time favorites. Beautiful, profound, surprising, and deeply touching. Will Smith is always brilliant.

Still Breathing Magical, colorful, delightful!
The Art of Racing in the Rain Heart-warming story of a dog who wants to be reincarnated as a human next time. Kevin Costner plays the warm gravelly voice of the dog. 
The Biggest Little Farm The most wonderful, inspiring documentary I've ever seen.
Mr. Church True story of an amazing friendship. I wish more movies like this were made!
Yesterday You'll love the actor and the music.


A great documentary where they interview people around the world and find out what it truly takes to be happy.

Call of the Wild Our dog Sophie loved this remake with Harrison Ford.
A Star is Born with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper About unconditional love and the trap of addiction.
Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Beautiful, touching, get your tissues out.
Momentum Generation Catch the metaphysical messages in this surf documentary!
Bohemian Rhapsody Stunning film about a man who finally confronts himself and cleans it up.
Coco and Moana Two animated movies about following your dreams.
Alpha Sheer beauty in every scene, and a must for dog lovers!

Most Magnificent Marigold Hotel      

Funny, touching, fabulously colorful. Great to have more high quality, adventurous movies about older people! The English really have a better attitude about aging than Americans. They don't require everyone to be young or like models to be in movies and television.

Aloha Great cast, uplifting outcome, redemption for all.

The Man Who Knew Infinity

True story: an Indian savant gets mathematical theorems from God. I had heard about him and was delighted to learn the whole story.

Where Do We Invade Next? A brilliant Michael Moore documentary that searches out the best of many cultures. It will blow your mind how different some countries are and how well they do some things. America has really fallen behind in so many ways we can learn a lot from others.
The Shack A bit obvious and preachy, but has some really good stuff in it. I prefer my spiritual movies to be less "on the nose."


I just love Dev Patel and he's great in this.

Hidden Figures

Wonderful true story of some brilliant black women who worked in the space program. Unsung heroes till now.

The Shape of Water In the tradition of magical realism, it's a delight.

Heaven is for Real

Boy goes to Heaven while on the operating table. True story.

The Hundred Foot Journey

A very sweet film, and for Divine Openings people it was all about softening so that we can see the Large Self in each of the people we meet.

Central Intelligence Comedy adventure with the Rock and Kevin Hart keeps you laughing.
Bridge of Spies The courage and brilliance of a man who succeeds at an impossible task despite being completely out of his zone of comfort and expertise. Tom Hanks is a master, which is much more remarkable than being a star.
City Island If profanity doesn't bother you, this movie is hilarious, original, and inspiring. Hang in there, it gets better and better.
Lucy Great concept, but of course they had to gore it up for Hollywood. It's good anyway.
Shopgirl Sweet but deep story of finding out what true love is.
Passengers Gorgeous, stretches your sense of possibility, and gets you thinking... what would you do? How do you make the most of your life under the circumstances? Michael Sheen as a robot bartender, steals the show, as he always does.

Wild Horse, Wild Ride

A must for horse lovers, but others will love it too. Unbelievable inspiration about what is possible that we think can't be done. Most of us take years to season a horse to this level, and these extraordinary people do it in 100 days.

Jeff, Who Lives At Home

It starts out looking like it will be lame, but hang in there and it gets really good. I am so encouraged that movies are being made about subjects like this. This director writes, produces, directs, and acts in his movies.

Girls Trip If you don't mind raunchy talk, this is hilarious! My Mom watches it over and over1

Think Like a Man

Single and dating people, you MUST see this!


Really great for singles getting your worthiness and loveability.


Beautifully done, stunning testament to the human spirit.

Enough Said

Comedy and Romance with Julia Louis Dreyfus and James Gandofini.


Big environmental insights from around the world. A must see.

About a Boy

Funny and touching movie starring Hugh Grant in a perfect role.

Wings of Life

Nature at is most astounding and beautiful.

The Artist

Original, charming, touching and funny.


Thinking outside the collective consciousness, with great acting.

Field of Dreams

I'd forgotten how great this was, and just watched it again.


Wildly creative, dramatic, funny, beautiful visuals.

Down to Earth

A comedy with a different take on reincarnation. I've often said I've lived many lives in this body.

Tree Of Life A stunningly powerful film. It took my breath away with it's realism and its heart expanding, mind blowing universal scope. I don't know if it works as well on a TV--I saw it in a theater.
Peaceful Warrior Adapted from Dan Millman's spiritual book The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior. Stunning visuals and high impact messages make this film powerful.
Midnight in Paris Finally a Woody Allen movie that's upbeat and fun, not neurotic. It's the most original and delightful plot I've ever seen, and has a happy ending. You'll love it even more if you know the artists and writers of the 1920's.
Surf's Up! An all time fave, uplifting, demonstrates following your bliss, never giving up, what's important, release of resistance, and going with the flow. Save it for later if you plan to come to the 5 Day. Music is so good I got the soundtrack.
UP! I cannot say enough good things about this movie. You'll laugh and cry and be inspired. Great family movie.
The Kid With Bruce Willis, funny and wise! Will connect you with your kid self and your future self.
The Butcher's Wife Absolutely delightful, never slows down. See why guidance is often misinterpreted, even by the most psychic among us.
Ground Hog Day Bill Murray at his best, in a comedy of errors and endless chances to get it right.

Love Actually

Great for Christmas or anytime! One of my all time favorite movies, uplifting stories brought alive by great actors, and yes, it's all about love. You'll laugh and cry.

The Santa Claus


Great for Christmas.

The Big Sick True story of comedy and romance amid clashing cultures.
Michael This movie was ten times better after Divine Openings. John Travolta is a hedonistic angel who scarfs sugar from the sugar bowl and charms the ladies. Watch it again.
Starbuck French with subtitles, but you won't mind! Funny, brilliant, redemptive. Now one of my top ten faves. I think it comes out in March 2013 but we got to see it early.
Cloud Atlas Violent in parts, but wow, what an epic story of reincarnation and human evolution triumphing over death and struggle over hundreds of years spanning our past and future. Each actor plays about 5 or 6 characters. Incredibly realistic.
The Sessions Brilliant true story of a polio invalid mostly confined to an iron lung who has sessions with a sex surrogate, then falls in love.
Men In Black 3 Great parts about time travel and infinite future probabilities.
Quest For Fire One of my all time favorites, it is authentic prehistory, and a top notch plot. It will take you back to the origins of the Ancient Mind and you'll believe you're there. A bit graphic in parts.
Hereafter Clint Eastwood produced this metaphysical movie! Matt Damon stars in a quite original and fairly accurate story about a man who can connect with people who've passed on, and how he struggles with his gift.
Lars and the Real Girl Totally unique story of a slightly autistic young man who learns to relate to women in an unusual way.
Winged Migration Now an all time favorite of mine. It is simply stunning footage of migrating birds, across the most magnificent terrain you've ever seen. I love that there is little narration, no preaching/teaching, leaving you to enjoy and have your own pure experience. I was spellbound.
Avatar Simply stunning beauty, and the creativity that went into it will blow you away. Good message in parts, but they did put the Hollywood violence in it. Oh, well, it's contrast.
Lonesome Dove One of my favorite books and movies of all time. Look for how enlightened and human Robert Duvall's Gus is. May take you three nights to watch it, or do a 6 hour marathon. Violence, but overall uplifting to me. Robert Duvall is a genius actor. 
Australia Has violence and bad guys, but the overall feeling to me was good. Incredible cinematography, and larger than life story.
Bruce Almighty Think God's not doing such a great job? Try running the world yourself!
The Fighting Temptations Goofy and sentimental, but rousing, inspiring gospel music, which I love! Music is so good I got the soundtrack!
The Lakehouse A love story with metaphysical twists
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Sweet story full of life and death and love.
Bedazzled Hilarious tale of selling your soul to the devil.

Harold and Maude

I hadn't seen this since high school in 1971, and in 2011 it hasn't lost any relevance at all. It's funny, beautiful, and inspires us to be who we are and truly live and love.

Beautiful Faces

A documentary by Russell Martin. Heart-opening, fascinating, and memorable story of how doctors in Mexico City give severely deformed children new faces and new lives.

I'll Be There I adore Craig Ferguson who wrote, produced, starred in and directed this heartwarming story of a burned out rocker who finds his daughter, herself a budding star. My favorite line, "I'm very happy actually. I'm rich and Scottish. It doesn't get any better than that."
Saving Grace Craig Ferguson plays a guy who helps a widow save the estate.
Across the Universe For Beatles music lovers. It's very long, so settle in with popcorn.
Dharma And Greg All episodes of this light, funny, always uplifting TV series are absolutely great. Wonderful counterculture and metaphysical humor. Jenna Elfman is my favorite actress.
It's A Wonderful Life Christmas classic with Jimmy Stewart in a more innocent time, complete with guardian angel
French Kiss The opening scene is classic. Watch how she makes up the story in her head. A movie about letting go to life. I love Kevin Kline.

50 First Dates

Romantic, uplifting, fun, and what a message!

The Longest Ride

Romantic and uplifting story with Scott Eastwood.

The Time Traveller's Wife

He isn't in control of his time warping. Doesn't really make sense, but it's okay entertainment.

Coming to America

Comedy/farce with Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall as clueless foreign royalty in America.

Iron Lady

Margaret Thatcher rules.


Fun, has profanity and rude humor.


A son and his dad open up to life's possibilities.


Tom Hanks is fabulous in anything, and this is pure innocence.

The Milagro Beanfield War

Robert Redford made this film way back, and it's still good.   

Almost Famous

Poignant story of loss of innocence on the road in the 70's, based on a true story. If you love rock music you'll love this. Shows drugs and sex.

Secondhand Lions

Secondhand Lions. Robert Duval is stellar as always. In this tale two eccentric old guys get a new lease on life. 


Gandhi was an amazing man, yet human. Makes tough choices and deals with the unforeseen complications that arise from his successes.


A heart warming story of a pig who wants to win a sheep herding contest. Has real animals playing the parts. Brilliant.

In The Shadow Of The Moon.

Ron Howard's tribute to the moon landing conveys the sense of awe and wonder, and touches on the many astronauts who had spiritual awakenings as a result.


An original take on going for your dreams, from Ireland, with amazing original music, tender and authentic acting. Starts slow (I almost turned it off), then gets really good. Hang in there.

The Family Stone

Comedy and drama.

Letters To Juliet.

Romance, adventure, and synchronicity, set in beautiful Tuscany. My mom loves it.

Under The Tuscan Sun

 Rebirth and new life after divorce. Gorgeous scenery in Italy.

Shadows In The Sun

Also set in beautiful Tuscany, in Italy.      

The Family That Preys Together. Got me liking Tyler Perry Movies. Cathy Bates makes a big difference in any film.

Madea's Family Reunion. Medea at her funniest. Of course, Madea is Tyler Perry in drag. He's quite a force, writing, directing, gathering talent, acting.

Click. A movie about appreciating every minute of life. Adam Sandler

It's Complicated. I love it that the romantic lead, Meryl Streep, is 60 years old. Alec Balwin has discovered a comic genius inside himself here and in the TV show 30 Rock.

Valentine's Day. Light, fun, fluffy romance with laughs.

Network. An old classic with an outrageous twist. Faye Dunaway is a young thing in this!

Yes Man. What if you did say yes to everything? Jim Carrey is always good.
The Birdman Of Alcatraz. An old classic about a man with a stubborn vibration.  
Henry Poole Is Here. Miracles bring a man back from the brink.      

Forrest Gump. An all time heart opener. Laugh, cry, love, appreciate, feel.      

Amelie. A visual feast. Watch how she makes up stories, both uplifting and not.    
The Philadelphia Story. Katherine Hepburn glows, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart were one of a kind. Smart, progressive attitudes.      

Adam's Rib - Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy spark in these smart comedies
Pat and Mike                 "      
Woman Of The Year             "      

Juno. Wry, intelligent story about an unconventional teen who is totally herself at all times.

Little Miss Sunshine - starts out depressing (I almost turned it off), then it gets really good!
Don Juan DiMarco. Johnny Depp is Don Juan.

Lonesome Dove. An all time classic in 6 parts. Robert Duvall is brilliant. Diane Lane and Tommy Lee Jones are suberb.

Buck. For horse lovers, this is a documentary about real life horse whisperer Buck Branneman.     

All Creatures Great And Small. Any episode is good if you like animals. Can get a little slow -- it's not Hollywood -- it's an old British TV series about a country veterinarian.  
Some Like It Hot. Old classic with Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis        
The Shopgirl. From the best selling novel by Steve Martin, also starring and made by Steve. Brilliant! I love watching the young man's evolution. It's a masterpiece about relationship timing.  

Sliding Doors. Shows two versions of a story -- one would have happened if she'd missed the subway, the other if she'd made it before the doors closed.

Little Miss Sunshine. Starts out dark and cynical (I almost turned it off), but they're setting you up. It gets way better. Glad I hung in there! Profanity aplenty.      

Something's Gotta Give. Jack Nicholson and Diane Keeton as middle aged opposites thrown together.

Chocolat. Johnny Depp in a sensual and magical tale.      

Like Water For Chocolate. When people eat her cooking, they feel what she was feeling when she cooked it. Surreal realism with some nudity and a lot of oddity.      

Calendar Girls. British comedy of middle aged women busting out.  

Saving Grace. Funny tale of saving the estate of a widow whose husband had spent all their money. I love Craig Claiborn.   

Prince Charming. Romantic, fun, and silly.      

The Thin Man. Any movie in this series is good - they're smart, funny old classics.      
The In-Laws. Funny and wacky comedy with many twists and turns.      

Someone Like You. Cynical at first, she has a big victim story, but watch what happens when she decides to open her mind.      

Keeping the Faith. I love Jenna Elfman, Ben Stiller, and Edward Norton!      

The Illusionist. Edward Norton -- unrecognizable in this role, he is such a chameleon!    
The Thomas Crown Affair. Get the new one with Pierce Brosnan and Renee Russo. Awesome.  

Steal Big, Steal Little. A romp with seriously bad family dynamics, but all is forgiven in the end    
Dreamgirls. You won't relate to the heroine's long-suffering anymore, but it's good in some ways  
Best in Show. Funny, but really, really offbeat.      

Damn Yankees. Classic 50's, has my theme song in it: Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets. Was choreographed by Bob Fosse, and he and his wife do a cameo in it.

Wag the Dog. Political truths with humor.      

Primary Colors. Political inside story about the Clintons.      

Strictly Ballroom. Funny, original, quirky, and sweet movie from Australia.      

That Thing You Do! You just can't lose with Tom Hanks.      

Miss Congeniality, and the sequel. Total fluffy fun.      

Pay It Forward. Great concept, great actors, but too much suffering, and a sucky ending! Imagine the ending different!      

What Women Want. Great comedy about men and women.      

Pleasantville. What would happen if you could live in your favorite 1950's TV show?    
The Truman Show. What would happen if you found out you were just a character in a TV show?
Something New. She looks at things differently and is surprised.      

Legally Blond. Fun and drama as she becomes her authentic self.      

The Proposal. Uptight manager loosens up and finds love. I'm a sucker for Sandra Bullock, and like her in just about anything.      

Step Up. Great dancing, lame plot, a fun romp with a really hot leading guy who sure can dance: Channing Tatum.  

Equilibrium. Rather dark and serious, but shows the cost of having no emotions. Don't watch a dark movie when your vibration is low or if it brings you down.     

Into The Wild. A bit heavy, but has some really good stuff in it. Again, watch if you're up.

Everything is Illuminated. A bit dark, but OK in the end. It's OK....

Shallow Hal. I adore Jack Black. He is 100% himself. A tale with a moral of "beauty isn't just physical".

The Sound Of Music. Believe it or not, I had never seen this till we watched it in 2011. Mom and I watched it twice.

Mary Poppins. Quite meaningful and magical from our Divine Openings perspective. Classic.

Buck. Documentary about this modern day horse whisperer doing his work on the road.

Gosford Park, old movie by the same dude who did Downton Abbey.

Watch comedy DVD's as often as possible.
It keeps your laugh muscles strong and your vibration high!

Eddie Izzard: Dressed To Kill (live comedy show) - Eddie used to be my favorite comedian during his early period when he was goofy, childlike, and light. (Now he's gotten cynical and edgy and I don't resonate with him anymore.) Light profanity, but he's pretty light and breezy in these.

Eddie Izzard: Definite Article (live comedy show)
Eddie Izzard: Circle (live comedy show)
Eddie Izzard: Glorious (live comedy show)
Eddie Izzard: Unreapeatable (live comedy show)

If profanity, some violence, and/or sexual content are OK with you, these movies or specials are GREAT:
Craig Shoemaker: That's A True Story (live comedy show) Comedian, catch him live, and you won't be able to catch your breath between laughs.      

Get Shorty -  John Travolta is super cool in this classic movie, Danny DeVito is fun to dislike, and Renee Russo is fabulous.      
The sequel is Be Cool. Both are great.

All That Jazz -- Some darkness, drugs, but worth it for it's authenticity, and Bob Fosse's unrelenting honesty about who he is. Sexual content.      

All of the Blue Collar Comedy of Bill Ingvall, Ron White, Larry The Cable Guy, and Jeff Foxworthy is fun.  These guys are funny! Search them on Netflix. It's all there. They're all good, but together they are dynamite.                          

If you're OK with REALLY raw, not PC, no-holds-barred humor with seriously uncensored profanity:        

Tropic Thunder One of the funniest movies ever made, but don't say I didn't warn you -  it is NOT for the whole family or those with easily offended sensibilities!     
The 40 Year Old Virgin -- Hiliarous guy humor, but pretty un-censored.  

Favorite TV Shows - We're WAY behind on updating the TV shows!
Mom. Hilarious and insightful series about a mom and daughter in Alcoholics Anonymous.
The Good Place. Comedy series about a selfish woman who was supposed to go to Hell, but ends up in Heaven.
Watch the series from start to finish and the finale will blow you away.
Lucifer. What if the devil was real and went on vacation in L.A.? Dark at times, and the metaphysics are nonsense, but it's so clever and funny.
Big Bang Theory. If you've been on another planet, you haven't heard about this.
The Healer on the TLC network. Charlie Goldsmith is a great physical healer. It's no longer on, but maybe you can find episodes online.
Ellen, comedy variety show.
The Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo. This reality show follows a real medium around as she gives readings.

Downton Abbey. British hit drama on PBS.

Nashville. Drama in music city. It got a bit too soap opera later on... watch the early ones.

If you have cable, look up Bruno Mars concert, 24 Karat Magic, Live at the Apollo,
and the 2018 Grammy awards. GREAT music!

Live at Daryl's House, one of my very favorites: Daryl of the old Hall and Oates Band now invites young musicians to jam at his house! I never realized what a musical genius he is. On the Palladia cable network.

The Mindy Project. Original, funny, written by its unusual star.

Supernova. Australian comedy series, funniest stuff I ever saw. Showed on PBS. Hope you can find it!

Cosmos. GREAT new PBS series, revived from the old Carl Sagan series, but light years ahead of course. Wow.

Masters of Sex, about Masters and Johnson's sex study in the 50s and 60s, dramatized very well and entertainingly.
Craig Ferguson, The Late, Late, Late Show
Key and Peele on Comedy Central (reruns). If you can forgive a few lame fart jokes and don't mind profanity, they are really original and funny otherwise.
30 Rock on NBC - A funny TV comedy rerun series produced by Tina Fey, with hilarious straight man Alec Baldwin. I love when he talks about dating "Condy" (referring to Condaleza Rice). They lampoon everyone.
VEEP, a hilarious, cynical take on White House politics.
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, political and other humor. He is nuts, in a good way!
Stephen is a great humor author too.
Jon Stewart is funny! Called the most powerful political force in television.
Bill Maher, political and other humor. Razor sharp wit, profanity.
Northern Exposure - rent the whole 8 years worth on Netflix. Great drama and humor and occasional psychedelic, metaphysical fantasy bits. Any episode of this is great, and season 3 was an award winner. Watch them all in order. It's the best TV series ever made. Give it time to fall in love with the characters. It grows on you till you're hooked.
Boston Legal - rent the whole run of it on Netflix. Hilarious fun. Wild, sexy, clever, and naughty, and oh, so entertaining.
Mad Men - can be dark but it's so well done, and so true to small self human nature and to the era.


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If you've tried things that didn't work, of course you question things! Lola was a frustrated seeker for twenty long years before her 21 days of silence opened her. She once felt fear, suffering, heartbreak, and powerlessness herself. Now she can lead you out of it quickly, as she's done for so many.

Divine Openings works, but you have to experience it, so if you're not clear, get the book with the money back guarantee. You will know if this is the path for you. If you're feeling it, dive in and immerse for faster results: enroll in the Portal 1 Online Course, or come to the bliss retreat.

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