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    Experience profound spiritual experiences with Lola Jones's leading-edge processes. As your mind quiets, discover the most powerful YOU. Lola Jones customizes the activities and energies for each group to transform your life without hard work or processing. Includes post-retreat manifesting course online, and live webinars with Lola for Bliss Maintenance.

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5-Day Retreat Logistics

Being with Lola in this powerful vortex is life-changing. You don't go back to your old life, you begin a new one. It's a permanent breakthrough into a new reality if you stay on the path. 

Since 2006 these retreats have been changing lives, and people come from all over the globe to remember who they really are: powerful beings who can and do create their own reality. You don't just shed years of fatigue and stress, you are permanently altered and empowered.

Lola Jones bathes you in peace and Grace until you feel like you've come home to yourself after a long absence. Welcome to Lola and Scott's comfortable private paradise. The perfect weather is just a little bonus.

Retreat Results

What Participants Say

The most recent retreat in Germany had participants high vibing. Here they share what happened for them, including lightening up, opening up, allowing more Grace, feeling great, physical healing, and making peace with their parents (this has miraculous effects on your life.)

Lola's Post Retreat Rave

Lola was so energized after the August retreat in Germany she felt no jet lag. You'll feel the high vibrations.

Hear from Lola and high vibration retreat participants. Results in all areas of life: love, career, mental and emotional balance, resilience, health, happiness, fulfillment, family harmony. 

More delicious details and pictures ...

We love to share our little Heaven with you

spiritual retreat pool california

Better than a Spa or Vacation... because it goes home with you!

Commune with hawks and hummingbirds. Find your special spot to be still and dive deep within. Soak up the tropical sun and sweet air, or relax weightless in the pool. Receive floating Divine Openings.
yummy healthy food made with love

Yummy food made with love

Everyone raves about the food because Scott prepares it with love. Variety for all, vegetarian, meats, seafood.
Alpine Retreat waterfall 2
Sit by the waterfall right outside the door. The atmosphere is magic because it's been bathed in Lola's energy for five years now, and nurtured by Scott's green thumb and communion with nature. Nature surrounds you at this park-like estate.
little lake

Walks and hikes

Miles of trails right out the door, from easy to challenging. Walk 5 minutes to a spectacular vista.
dine outdoors

Dine indoors or out

SB retreat-live event.jpg
Sometimes we meet outside. Or take field trips to meditate at parks or lakes 1 to 3 minutes away. Two lakes, two parks, two waterfalls, wildlife, flowers, stately pines, serenity and quiet everywhere. You'll find your special place to mediate and witness.

Transform through pleasure, not work

prostrate at the altar

Profoundly effective practices

Experience Lola's freshest, new leading-edge methods that make each retreat better than the last.
Divine Openings is a path of ease and Grace, not work and struggle.
Let Grace do 90% of the work for you while you rejuvenate and rest.

hot tub

Luxuriate in the hot tub

Reserve your private time to soak in the sparkling waters, and take in the stunning view.

physical healing

Activities to take you deeper

Energy healing, live Divine Openings, Divine Mother Hugs from Lola.


5-Day Retreat Logistics

Message of the Day

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If you want to find it, stop seeking. If you already found it, stop seeking. If you've forgotten what you were looking for, stop seeking and be still.
Lola Jones