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5 Day Retreat lodging, travel, planning:

  • Use this page to plan your trip.
  • Print out and bring it.
  • Email (English) or (German) ONLY if your question is not covered here (it's all covered here!)
  • AFTER you pay your full tuition, you'll get access to this 5 Day Retreaters link, (it's also in site footer menu.) It gives full info that's not on this page:
  1. Roster, to coordinate flights, ride shares, or rooms with other participants
  2. Packing list, what to bring
  3. Lodging booking forms for Germany retreat
  4. Your Pre-Retreat Preparation Course, plus your 3 FREE online 1st Aid Courses: Depression/Anxiety, Over-Analytical Mind, and Freedom from Addiction.

Some details are different for each location.
English info for the Germany retreat is below.

California Retreats Only


  • California retreat location is Alpine, California, 35 minutes from San Diego.
  • Fly into San Diego.
  • Meet at Lola's idyllic retreat home!
  • Carpool in a rental car.


You'll plan and pay for your own travel. The earlier you register, the lower the airfares to San Diego. Book your flight to allow for canceled flights, missed connections, or bad weather. Weather problems are rare in San Diego.

Local transportation:

  • Coordinate with your group for a rental car. If you share rides with others, please contribute to gas! There's very little traffic from the airport to the retreat. Navigation works well here.
  • Uber and Lyft work if your arrival or departure is way off of your carpool group's. 
  • From the lodge to Lola's house during the retreat, please carpool. If absolutely necessary, Scott will bring you to and from the lodge.
  • Some extend their vacation before or after the retreat.

Have fun planning your rides and meeting participants.


The Ayres Lodge is at 1251 Tavern Road, Alpine, CA, only 35 miles from San Diego airport.
You reserve your own lodging, pay for lodging in addition to the retreat, and you don't pay till you arrive.

We got an amazing group rate but you ONLY get it when you call this DIRECT number: Ayres Lodge, 619-445-5800, and reference the group Divine Openings Retreat rate.
The Ayres online and other numbers, or other agents you find on Google charge more, and may mess up your reservation.

  • You must reserve well before the retreat. It fills up and there are no other hotels near here!
  • Rate is $110/night weekdays and $150 on weekend nights.
  • Double up to save money, but don't talk!
  • All are deluxe rooms (Single King or Double Queens) and people love it!  
  • All rooms are freshly remodeled!
  • Hot breakfast bar is included (skip the coffee and black tea!)
  • Lunch and dinner meals are included in your tuition.
  • Get room with microwave and fridge if you want to make your own breakfast.
  • Baron's Market with organics, snacks, drinks, and drug stores, are one block, walking distance.


Lola's home is at 2368 Palo Danzante, Alpine, CA 91901.  7 minutes (3.3 mellow country miles) from the lodge.

  • The Tavern Rd to South Grade Rd route is calm and pretty--all country road. (The other Alpine Blvd. route has businesses and traffic lights.)
  • Go left on Tavern Rd. out of the lodge.
  • Go sort of right (not a hard right) on South Grade Rd. at the light.
  • Go right on Via Viejas. (This 2nd entrance to Palo Verde Ranch has no gate.  Do NOT use the first Palo Verde Oeste entrance with the gate and guard.) It doesn't go through.
  • After the low water crossing at the little lake, take the first right on Palo Danzante.
  • Park in the cul de sac, left of our driveway.

You're only in your room to sleep and shower, as we meet 9 to 9 or later. At the lodge you can sit out under the pines, or use the pool or hot tub. The hotel is quiet, small, and low key. People really like it.

While you're still talking, plan logistics with your roommate and/or carpool.
Then stop all talking, TV, phone, email, or eye contact during the retreat so you can go deep and get blissed out!

People who have done both liked the retreats at Lola's home better than the retreat centers--it's LolaWorld all the way. But the retreat always works no matter where it is.

Someone asked whether it's disruptive to ride from the retreat to the hotel daily. Such minor things will not diminish your retreat.
Don't get into perfectionism. In Lola's 21 days of silence everyone ate in giant, noisy halls with chattering workers everywhere. Some of Lola's 16 dorm roommates chattered at times. They were bused to other locations. At the retreat centers sometimes loud groups dined with us, and they’d try to talk to us.
It didn't matter.

Silence is found within, not in the outer world. Your own mind and your cell phone will be your main challenges!  And when you ace that you're free.

In the breakfast room, stay within—don’t make eye contact. If someone wants to talk, smile and say “I’m in silence," or take your plate back to your room. If other retreaters talk to you say, "Write me a note if it's important."

See main retreat page for meeting times.

Arrive ON TIME at 9 am sharp every day.
You may not leave the retreat early. Every minute is important, even the last half day and the guest event can hold your biggest breakthrough.


The lodge provides breakfast. The retreat includes lunch and dinner meals during retreat times. There is a selection of vegetarian and meat and fish. There will be some gluten free choices, although the field of resonance is so strong at the retreat no one EVER has ANY food sensitivities or food issues at these retreats! It's a great opportunity to free yourself of overly austere dietary practices.

MEET AND GREET before the retreat!

You could meet other participants for dinner before our first meeting:

Mediterraneo’s across the street on another block is good Italian. It’s best when you can sit outside.
Panda Machi right by the lodge is sushi and Chinese, lots of variety.
For Mexican, drive to Al Pancho’s 5 minutes away. 2139 Alpine Blvd, Alpine, CA 91901
(Mananas Mexican that I used to recommend isn’t as good as it used to be.)
The Greek place by the lodge is super casual and is good.
If you want to drive 15 minutes and have stellar BBQ (and vegetables too) in an old roadhouse atmosphere, navigate to Grand Ole BBQ:
15505 Olde Hwy 80, El Cajon, CA 92021

Once your tuition is paid in full you can access the roster to contact and coordinate with your group.

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Germany Logistics ONLY:

spirituelle Schweigeretreats mit Lola Jones in Deutschland, Divine Openings

Now at our new retreat location, The Sonnestrahl seminar center.


(See main retreat page for the dates for your retreat.)

Note the NEW agenda:
Check in Day 1 by 4pm.
Day 1: Dinner and orientation at 5pm. Meet 6-9pm.
Day 2, 3, 4,and 5: Meet 9am to 9pm
Last day: Meet 9am to 3pm, no early departures please. Every moment is important.

LODGING:  The venue is Seminarzentrum Sonnestrahl.

  • Lodging is paid separately from tuition. You pay your lodging directly to the German retreat center, Sonnestrahl, at the time of your stay.
  • You will contact them directly to book your stay with a form we provide you. 
  • You may ask them to add extra nights onto the beginning or end of your stay. 

At the Sonnestrahl center, rooms are quite reasonably priced. The room costs vary from 63 Euros (Dormitory style up to 5 people) up to 98 Euros (single room) per day including full board, 3 meals per day, teas, water and fruit.

Arrive early enough on the first day of your retreat to check in and relax.
Check in by 4 PM at the latest. 

See this idyllic venue!

See your pre-retreat informational page in the 5 Day Retreaters section.



The retreat center provides us with breakfast, a lunch buffet, and a dinner buffet with many choices!

Meals are freshly prepared in the house, are largely vegetarian (vegetarian options are also available on the two days meat and fish are served) and the ingredients are sourced as far as possible from regional organic farming - in short, the food is not only healthy but also super delicious.

At the retreats, we do not tend to special dietary needs. We have found that eating problems and food sensitivies do not happen at our retreats.

Interestingly, participants find that their intolerances do not exist during their retreat period (and when they're ready to let them go, they're gone forever) and that strict, dietary regulations are not as necessary as they used to be. That's because we are in an enormously powerful state of grace, and most people leave these restrictions behind them permanently (as well as many of the other limitations they leave behind in retreats.)



Fly in early enough to allow for cancelled flights and delays.
Please see the Sonnestrahl website for directions and travel help information. 

You may coordinate Air, Car, and Hotel with a few other participants if you like. You'll plan it yourself. Returning Retreaters can share taxi rides, rooms, and carpools too!
If you are looking for other retreaters to contact for possible travel sharing, you may use your retreat roster that is listed in your pre-retreat section. 

Retreaters coming from other countries: Use the roster to see who is coming from somewhere near you and plan a ride share to the retreat center. You will not need a car at the retreat center.

Email for help in English, for German support and any questions not covered here.

Now, register for the Germany Retreat!