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    Plan for Your Germany, Sedona, or California retreat


    Find your planning details for the Germany, Sedona, and California retreats. Everything you need for a smooth, easy trip and the most blissful week of your life!

how to plan your Sedona, California, & Germany Retreats!

Some details are different for each location. Scroll to your location.

This page gives all you need to know to plan your trip. Additional details appear under My Accont > My Retreats after you register: 
Directions, locations; What to bring; Roster to coordinate flights, rooms, & rideshares; Your Pre-Retreat Preparation Course.

ALL RETURNING RETREATERS - bring flowers! In California the grocery has inexpensive flowers.  We already have many vases in California but for Sedona and Germany, bring the pot or vase. Roses are great and last long. 
You'll organize your service tasks on day one - enjoyable and easy.


sedona Retreats

You'll plan and pay for your own travel. The earlier you register, the lower the airfares usually are.

  • Fly into Phoenix.
  • Drive to Sedona (Village of Oak Creek.)
  • Coordinate carpools with your group for shared rental cars.
  • Some drive their own cars to the retreat. If you share rides with them, please contribute to gas.



You reserve and pay for your own lodging separate from the retreat. You could share rooms and save. You're only there to sleep! Book asap to get the best deals.

Hotels.com offers many options and the best prices, from plain economy to luxury. Just create a membership on their site, then search. Most people are staying extra days to see the many attractions in Arizona.

VRBO.com rents shared vacation homes. 

Choose one near to our meeting house, located in the blue circle on this map.
Search the Village of Oak Creek (south of main Sedona):

vrbo house location web 


Purchase your own breakfast food, or eat in the hotel. Lunch and dinner are served at the retreat. Tasty choices of vegetarian, carbs, meat and fish. The field of resonance is so strong at the retreat no one has food sensitivities or food issues at these retreats! It's a great opportunity to free yourself from food restrictions.

RETURNING RETREATERS: please bring flowers in a vase for Sedona. Roses are great and last long. Grocery stores have nice, inexpensive flowers. Florists are expensive. 

California Retreats


  • Fly into San Diego.
  • California retreat venue is 35 minutes up into the mountains from the San Diego Airport. 
  • After you register, the exact address is in your My Account > My Retreats.
  • You'll plan and pay for your own travel. The earlier you register, the lower the airfares usually are.
  • Many people add on time at the beach before or after the retreat!

Ground transportation:

  • Using the roster, coordinate shared rental cars. Some Californians drive their own cars to the retreat, so if you ride with them, please contribute to gas.
  • There's very little traffic from the airport to the retreat, except rush hour. Google navigation works well here.
  • We prefer Lyft to Uber if you need to pay for a ride from airport to hotel and back to airport. 
  • From the lodging to the retreat venue each day, please carpool to reduce number of cars.
  • Near the airport is a cool restarurant/bar on the water called Coasterra. Nice place to hang out waiting for your buddies to fly in to carpool to Alpine. 


You reserve your own lodging, and pay for lodging in addition to the retreat.
The ONLY hotel in Alpine is the 4.5 star Ayres Lodge:

  • We'll be posting the exact hotel rates here soon. They will be around $200 a night single. Or share a double room with someone from the roster; two queen beds, $232/night. You are truly only there to sleep. Your room really does not matter.
  • Airbnb has some near the venue in 91901.  


See main retreat pages for meeting dates and times.


Eat the nice included hot or cold breakfast if you stay at the Ayres hotel. Amazing lunch and dinner are served at the retreat, cooked with love by Scott. There is a tasty selection of vegetarian, carbs, meat and fish. The field of resonance is so strong at the retreat no one has food sensitivities or food issues at these retreats! It's a great opportunity to free yourself from those.

You could meet other participants for dinner the day before the retreat or at the end of day 5. 

Germany Travel Planning

If you're worried about not speaking German, many Germans speak English, and are very helpful. Lola speaks no German and finds it wonderful to visit there twice a year for the past ten years.

Some retreat details are different for this location.
Now at the lovely and comfortable Sonnestrahl Seminarzentrum.
Sebastian-Kneipp-Straße 1, 88353 Kißlegg, Germany
+49 7563 1890


See main retreat page for the dates and meeting times for your retreat.
Arrive the day before your retreat to check in, relax, and be on time.
No early departures please. Every moment is important.

LODGING and meeting venue is Seminarzentrum Sonnenstrahl.

Lodging is separate from tuition.
You pay your lodging directly to the retreat center, Sonnenstrahl, at the time of your stay.
Please contact them directly to book your room and meals: +49 7563 1890
You may ask them to add extra nights to the beginning or end of your stay.
Rooms are economically priced, with single, double, and dorm options. Includes 3 meals per day, tea, water and fruit.


The retreat center provides us with delicious healthy breakfast buffet, a lunch buffet, and a dinner buffet with many choices!

Meals are freshly prepared in the house, largely vegetarian, and the ingredients are sourced as much as possible from regional organic farming. The food is not only healthy but also super delicious.

Interestingly, participants find that their intolerances do not exist during their retreat period (and when they're ready to let them go, they're gone forever) and that strict, dietary regulations are not as necessary as they used to be. That's because we are in an enormously powerful state of grace, and most people leave these restrictions behind them permanently (as well as many of the other limitations they leave behind in retreats.)


Fly in early enough to allow for canceled flights and delays.
Please see the Sonnestrahl website for directions and travel help information. 
You may coordinate Air, Car, and Rooms with a few other participants if you like. You'll plan it yourself, using your retreat roster that is listed in your pre-retreat section. 

You will not need a car at all during your stay at the retreat center.

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