The basics you need to plan and budget for your 5 Day Retreat lodging and travel, plus food details are right here on this page:

After you register IN FULL, you'll get access to the complete info through the 5 Day Retreaters link (found in the site footer.) In addition to what this page gives, you'll get:
  • Roster, to coordinate flights, ride shares, and rooms with other participants
  • Packing list, what to bring
  • Lodging Booking forms for Germany retreat location.
  • Your online Pre-Retreat Preparation Course
  • Your two free online 1st Aid Courses: Depression/Anxiety and Over-Analytical Mind

Some details are different for each location.
Europe/Germany is below

Email or
ONLY if you have a question not covered here (it's all covered here!) Read all this first!

Lola Jones retreats California

California Retreats Only

  • New California retreat location is Alpine, CA!
  • Meet at Lola's idyllic new retreat home in the pines on a running creek!
  • You'll fly into San Diego, and shuttle or share a car rental with others.
  • Some stay extra nights at the beach or in the mountains and make a longer vacation of it!

MEETING TIMES: See main retreat page for dates and times.

The retreat includes all your meals during retreat time. There will be a selection of vegetarian and meat and fish. There will be gluten free choices, although the field of resonance is so strong at the retreat no one EVER has ANY food sensitivities or food issues at these retreats! It's a great opportunity to free yourself of overly austere dietary practices.

You will reserve your own lodging, and you won't pay till you arrive! Yay!

We arranged an amazing group rate and you ONLY get it when you call the number we give you. Other agents listed on Google charge more and may mess up your reservation. Call ONLY this DIRECT number: Ayres Lodge, 619-445-5800, and use the rate code DOR918 or reference the group Divine Openings Retreat – September 2018. All rooms are freshly remodeled!

  • Weekday rate is $101.96 and weekend rate is $121.96.
  • Deluxe rooms (Single King or Double Queens)  weekday rate is $109.96 and weekend rate is $129.96
  • Hot breakfast is included (skip the coffee and black tea!)
  • Get room with microwave and frig if you want to make your own breakfast or late night snacks. Baron's Market with organics, and drug stores with toiletries are within one block.

The Ayres Lodge is at 1251 Tavern Road, Alpine, CA, only 35 miles from San Diego airport.

Lola's home is at 2368 Palo Danzante, Alpine, CA 91901.  It is 7 minutes (3.3 miles) from the lodge. The Tavern Rd to South Grade Rd route is calmer and prettier--all country road. The other route is fine but has businesses and traffic lights.

Coming from the preferred Tavern Rd/South Grade route, you enter the SECOND entrance that says Palo Verde Ranch, and it has no gate.  (It’s NOT the first Palo Verde Ranch entrance with the gate and guard.)
Go slow because then you'll take the first right turn on Palo Danzante  after the low water crossing.

You'll only be in your room to sleep and shower, as we meet 9 to 9 or later. At the lodge you can sit out under the pines, or use the pool or hot tub. The hotel is quiet, small, and low key. People really like it.

While you're still talking, plan logistics with your roommate, if you have one. Then stop all talking, TV, phone, email, or eye contact during the retreat so you can go deep and get blissed out!

People who have done both actually liked the retreats at Lola's home better than the retreat centers--it's LolaWorld all the way. But the retreat always works no matter where.

Someone asked whether it's disruptive to ride from the retreat to the hotel daily. No one's ever complained about that. And having to ask for extra towels, etc. is the same at a retreat center. Such minor things will not disrupt your retreat.
Keep this in mind: in Lola's 21 days of silence everyone ate in giant, noisy halls with chattering workers everywhere. Some of Lola's 16 dorm roommates chattered at times, and it didn't matter. At the retreat centers sometimes loud groups dined with us, and they’d try to talk to us. In the breakfast room, stay within—don’t make eye contact. If someone wants to talk, smile and say “I’m in silence," or take your plate back to your room.
If other retreaters try to talk to you, say, "I am committed to silence. Write me a note if this is important."
You find learn that silence is found within, and that the outer silence matters way less than your inner quiet. Don’t get hung up on outer world details you can't control! Your own mind and your cell phone will be your main challenges!  And when you ace that you're free.

You'll plan and pay for your own travel. The earlier you register, the lower the airfares usually are. The later you wait, the higher they may go. We always find the best airfares from either JetBlue (which has lots of nonstop flights) or

Book your flight to allow for cancelled flights, missed connections, or bad weather. Weather problems are rare in San Diego, and there's very little traffic from the airport to the retreat.

You could reserve a shuttle to and from the airport to the lodge and we will arrange a shuttle from the lodge to the retreat and back each day for you. One is Supershuttle. (Roadrunner Shuttle is not good in this area.) Coordinate your group and the airport shuttle cost is dramatically less for a group!

Some prefer to rent a shared car for the week if they want to shop, sightsee, or extend their vacation before or after the retreat. It's up to you.

Some share lodge-to-retreat car rides with Californians who are driving here. If so, please contribute to gas! Have fun planning your rides and meeting participants.

Arrive ON TIME every day. You may not leave the retreat early or skip any days. Every minute is important, even the last half day.

MEET AND GREET before the retreat!
You could all meet for early dinner that first afternoon around 4:30 at Mediterraneo, a nicer place around the block. Or Manana's Mexican food or the Greek food place (inexpensive and casual) next to the lodge.

Once your tuition is paid in full you can access the roster to contact and coordinate with your group.

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Europe/Germany Info Starts Here:

See main retreat page for dates and times.

For Germany retreats lodging is paid separately, directly to the seminarhaus, at the time of your stay.

At the Jonathan Seminarhaus rooms are quite reasonably priced. Your lodging includes three delicious, healthy meals a day: the night before, on retreat days, and breakfast the morning after the retreat.

Arrive early enough on the day before the retreat to check in and relax.
They allow you to book extra nights so you can hike, bike, explore, or take a balloon ride. To stay the night the retreat ends, book that night in addition.
Your rooms are assigned. There are limited single rooms--most rooms have two single beds and are comfortable to share. Some rooms have a private bathroom, others share one bathroom between two rooms. While you're still talking, plan who showers when, morning or night. You may also go to your room during free times for daytime showers.
Please find the Lodging booking form in the pre-retreat area once you have registered for your retreat. 

Fly in early enough to allow for cancelled flights and delays. 

You may coordinate Air, Car, and Hotel with a few other participants if you like. You'll plan all that yourself. We give you suggestions. Returning Retreaters can share taxi rides, rooms, and carpools too!

Ground travel directions:

The venue is Hotel Jonathan. 

Retreaters coming from other countries: Use the roster to see who is coming from somewhere near you and plan a taxi share to the retreat center. The ride is about 1.5 hours from the airport so try and share that cost!

By car from Munich: Take the highway (Autobahn) A8 from Munich to Salzburg, passing the Chiemsee on your left. Take the at Grabenstätt, enter the circle and take the third exit to follow the signs to Chieming. Pass through the second circle, still following the signs to Chieming. Pass through Chieming, stay on main road. At the circle, take the second exit to Sondermoning. Turn left as you reach the village and follow the sign to Hart (2km). In Hart turn left on the first possibility (behind church) and turn left again after 200m into Kellerstraße. After another 50m you have reached the Jonathan Seminar Hotel on your left side.

In case of heavy traffic on the autobahn take the road from Munich to Wasserburg, on to Rabenden, Seon and Truchtlaching. Near the village center turn right to Seebruck. After another 2km turn left to Chieming and Tabing. In Tabing take second possibitlity to turn right to Hart.

Parking: Part of the seminar hotel's premises is a meadow for parking, big enough for all vehicles, even during seminars with lots of participants.

Bus and train: From Munich or Salzburg airport take the bus or the metro to the central station. Change trains there for Traunstein. Upon request the hotel will gladly organize a transfer from or to the airport for you. Contact them directly.

The Traunstein train station offers direct connections to Salzburg, Munich, Karlsruhe, Hamburg, Nuremberg and Berlin.

Transfer from Traunstein train station:
By cab: Our partner, Taxi Schwarzenlander brings you to the seminar hotel in about 15 minutes for a fixed fare of € 20,- 
Tel. 0861 - 2606, Email:
by bus: Number 9522  to Obing or Schnaitsee
Hotel bus: Find out from your seminar organization, if a transfer from Traunstein train station with our hotelbus has been arranged and the pickup times.

It's best to call the taxi service a few days in advance. You could arrange with other people who come through Munich to meet at Grafing and share a taxi to save costs.

For a link to the local bus and train timetables see the website of the hotel:

Email for help in English, for German support and for questions not covered here.