Why The Economy Doesn't Matter

By Lola Jones

Are you committed to being powerful, proactive, and unsinkable?
Then you don't want the outer world dictating your life and happiness. I think that's what's meant by "be in the world, but not of it." Even so, it sometimes takes discipline, and deliberate choices moment to moment to keep our inner eye on what we want to see rather than what we currently see out there in "reality."

I find that when people claim their power and absolutely stop giving it away, money comes, so I don't focus much on money in my teachings. But I've noticed that money is an issue for so many right now. They need soothing, and they need practical strategies to cope with what's "going on."

Visionaries from time immemorial have refused to be limited by what they see "out there". They've refused to bow down to "reality". They've stuck to their visions until they come true.

The realists of the world are by definition limited to what they can see. They can't believe it until they see it.

Visionaries believe it, and then they see it.

It manifests from nowhere....

... eventually. And that's where many people lose it. They get overpowered by what they see out there, or get discouraged if it doesn't come soon enough, and lose their vision.

A friend recently shared with me her desire to move to another farm, to escape noisy neighbors. Her once-blissful home seemed oppressive. Next time we talked, the farm she wanted was still not available. She soon realized that if you want something better, it's always best to bless and make peace with the place/person/thing you already have. Not long after that, flocks of white winged doves descended on her farm, and their constant, soothing, magical cooing now drowns out the noise from the neighboring farm. Her farm is Heaven again.

I had a similar experience with a home I had trouble selling 7 years ago. As I deliberately renewed my appreciation for it, it quickly sold ... for 10% above market value. Realtors had told me my asking price was "unrealistic" ... so I didn't use a realtor! I knew its value and sold it myself. Then I bought my Heaven -- City View Ranch.

What aspect of current "reality" feels limiting to you? It's easy to get swept up in "what is." We think talking about it is just describing the facts. But talking about current reality doesn't just describe reality, it creates more of it. Sure, we know this, but we sometimes have to remind ourselves of it almost daily.

The outer world is so seductive and distracting. It seems so real. We give it far too much reality.

You've heard me say this before:
"Disrespect reality."

As we feel bad and complain about what is, we create more of what is. I tell people to think of their focus as a giant, powerful magnifying glass. Whatever you focus on and feel strongly about gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger, whether it's something you want ... or don't want.

It's pretty easy to get scared or feel powerless with the directions our governments sometimes take, with the corruption, deception, violence, and ignorance. But to focus on that reality would be to give it too much power. The outer world is not our Source. We do far more good by staying focused on our visions, our heart's desires, doing what we CAN do, and keeping our own center peaceful and strong.

The wave of fear that swept the planet on September 11, 2001 was a palpable emotional tsunami. It swamped me for a time, even though intellectually I knew the collective consciousness was influencing my emotions. That was before Divine Openings, and I was not as "unsinkable" then.

Terrorists didn't crash the stock market, our own fear did. The stock market is completely dominated by emotional factors. A stock market crash is caused solely by loss of confidence in the market, our government, or the safety of our money. Analysts try to make it sound logical, but it isn't.

To date, I'm not sure who has terrorized us the most, terrorists, our own government, or our OWN MINDS. I do know now, how to deal with all of them.


A group of us sat and thought of good things about the current economic picture the other day. Here are some of the things we came up with:

1. People often have to be pushed to discomfort to force a change, not just regarding government and the economy, but in their personal lives. A client recently told me she'd still be in a dead marriage, and would never have gotten on the spiritual path if he hadn't left HER. Now she's proactively, happily evolving, but she needed a push back then. Another friend didn't bust out and live her dream until she was dying. Then she miraculously healed.

As those of you who do Divine Openings know, we no longer have to experience pain and suffering to  catalyze growth. But lots of people do. It has to hurt their wallets or their hearts pretty badly before they say, "OK! I'll change!" 

2. It's a test of our ability to stay focused on what is real, and not buy into the illusion that anything outside ourselves can hurt us. It is so tempting to say it's karma, or evil spirits, or the devil, the government, or the economy doing it to us. But there's no one but you here.

All of your power is right here, right now. And most importantly, God is out to get you happy ....if you will allow it.  Whenever something is going on that feels bad, from an event to the economy, I objectively, without guilt or blame, say, "It's so interesting how I've created this. Now what do I want?"

3. New innovations are born out of challenging times. A friend just showed me a new hybrid car that will get 320 MPG. The higher gas prices go, the more inventive humans will become.  The new alternatives will be more environmentally friendly, and power will be shifted from the oil industry to fresh new visionaries. There is a new British commercial jet that is similarly fuel efficient. It's very exciting. Put your magnifying glass on that!

4. People are going to be motivated to wake up. They're going to stop expecting someone out there to make it all good for them. They'll stop giving their power away to government, fear, and "reality."

How much better does it feel, and how much does it tip the nose of the plane up to train your focus on things like that?


We know -- it's one thing to wish you could think this way, and an entirely different matter to truly live in this kind of freedom naturally, habitually, automatically most of the time.

You can read hundreds of reports about how the book, the group phone sessions, and courses have changed people's lives ... from relationships, to money, to health.... and most importantly, how they've directly experienced the The Divine in themselves, and dramatically increased their enjoyment of life.

Love, Love, Love, Blessings, and Bliss To You All,

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