Beyond Opening Chakras to Holistic Spiritual Awakening

by Lola Jones

Accelerate your spiritual awakening and enlightenment
by understanding chakras in context

This article shows you how to take a larger view of chakras. Let's say a practitioner opens, clears, and balances your chakras for you, or you do it yourself. You temporarily feel better (maybe.) But if you continue vibrating, thinking, and feeling the same way, the chakras and other energy systems simply reflect that and return to their previous habitual configurations. Your chakras are more a mirror of you than a source of you. An X ray is a picture of what's going on inside you too, but you wouldn't work on the X ray, you'd use it to go to the root cause of the problem or get healthier.  Working on the X ray wouldn't change anything.

You've probably wondered why energy work and other modalities that someone does "on you" or "for you" don't usually last, and why there seems to be an endless need for more clearing. You've probably wondered why it doesn't last even if you do it yourself daily, and that it never seems to end. Working on chakras to clear, balance, or open them is not a permanent solution to problems in life, spiritual life, and health.

Here's the first reason: You are generating your reality! It can only be permanently "fixed" by addressing the root cause of it. Your vibration must shift. For clarity, here's a simple example using the heart chakra (the effects of the third eye are more complex and invisible and wouldn't make a clear example.) Let's say a person vibrates fear of not finding love or acceptance, they talk about the pain, and discuss troubles with friends and therapists. They keep getting their heart chakra cleared. Each clearing, and each therapy session, they might feel better for awhile and even attract some better results. But the beliefs, split intentions, fears, and negative habits of speech keep causing the heart chakra to close back down to match.

The third eye and all chakras respond to a change in your vibration when you actually learn how to lift and maintain your vibration yourself, moment to moment. Like flowers in the sun, chakras open and balance naturally in response to a higher vibration. It requires no clearing or working on yourself, just staying conscious and changing some simple habits.

People sometimes want to open a certain chakra, because some chakras have more flashy-sounding functions than others. But they all work in concert, and with Divine Openings naturally opens them all in a balanced way over time, leaving the mechanics to The Presence. We say "let The Divine do the heavy lifting. The Divine certainly knows how to do it.

Somehow most spiritual paths got distorted into a set of beliefs that there's something wrong with you and something to fix, heal, clear, or cleanse. There isn't (unless you're physically sick.) Some paths tell you that you must conquer your evil ego, or your worldly appetites, or go on some lifelong, never-ending quest to purify, heal, or fix yourself. You try emotional healing, healing your inner child, and maybe it helps a little, maybe you're still doing it after twenty years! The reason it never ends is that you're intending to find something wrong, or something to fix, and the Universe obliges you. You're generating things to fix. That can go on forever.

If your "healing" is based on a false premise, it can never work. If you're not sick you don't need "healing" so you can't do enough "healing" to feel better emotionally and mentally. If your car is out of gas, you can't wash the car enough to make it start.



You can't do the wrong thing long enough
or hard enough to make it work.



Awakening, enlightenment and happiness never result from endless healing and clearing: when you focus on what is wrong, you get much, much more of what is wrong. The Universe obliges you, saying, "You want wrong or broken things to fix? Alright.... here's more of that."

Divine Openings was born out of a desire to get off the hamster wheel of seeking, fixing, clearing, healing sessions--to finally get where we wanted to be, and to enjoy a constantly unfolding, rapidly evolving life of higher and higher consciousness.

Notice that "constantly unfolding and rapidly evolving" are not the same as "fixing or healing"! The new paradigm you experience with Things Are Going Great In My Absence is focused on living a life tapped directly into The Presence, and enjoying the never-ending pleasant surprises it brings, not working on yourself, your issues, or your chakras.

Third eye opening, seeing with the inner eye, kundalini rising, direct guidance, direct knowing, and all those things do happen with Divine Openings; but you don't have to work on all the mechanical aspects--it just happens, quite spontaneously, as your vibration rises and aligns with The Presence overall.

If you enjoy never-ending processing, you won't like Divine Openings, because all that ends.

Life won't be absolutely perfect, you'll still have challenges, but suffering and struggling ends. You'll live more of the time as your unlimited Large Self that is mostly Non-Physical, so wtih that as your foundation, you'll enjoy those challenges like you enjoy skiiing or other challenging endeavors that stretch, revitalize, and energize you.

If you've heard enough and are ready for a new world....



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If you need to know more...

In this new reality as your Large Self, the old problems and issues simply aren't there. We know, this is hard to imagine from the old reality, and you might have to expand your pipes to let this much goodness and ease in, but Divine Openings helps you do that. One can only perceive the reality one is currently in--but all this and more can and does happen with Divine Openings.

What is there beyond spiritual healing and spiritual seeking?
Joy. Being awake. Consciously creating.

Spiritual healing was never what was needed for emotional and mental freedom in your life. Did you begin to queston how all that energy work, therapy sessions, complicated modalities, chakra work, and endless processing was working out for you? We did. And then we found all we  needed to do was to wake up. Divine Openings wakes you up, and it's as if your eyes are opened to another reality that was right here all along, parallel to this dimension.

Once you experientially (not just theoretically) feel and know who you are and live as your Larger, more expanded Self--life gets easier--your Larger Self simply doesn't have all those issues. Until you truly find your power within there's a ceiling on your enlightenment.

Once true awakening begins (not just seeking it) life just starts clearing up, just as the sun comes out after a rainy day. The sun was always right there--the clouds and rain didn't need healing. A small effort is required to learn to use your mind and Free Will effectively to stay out of the way and not cloud things up again. Real living begins, and seeking and working on yourself ends. Divine Openings shows you precisely and clearly, step by step, how to do this--and maintain it.

You can stop seeking spiritual healing, and "be there" with Divine Openings. You don't have to wait for or be worried about the end of 2012 (read article about 2012)--the power always has been and always will be NOW. You can get off the treadmill of endless issue-by-issue processing, fasting, special diets, cleansing, spiritual healing, and working on yourself.

You can live for the joy,creativity, contribution, and discovery of life rather than to fix yourself or others, solve problems, or get somewhere.


Divine Openings is out beyond spirituality,
beyond spiritual healing and religion.
It's quite simply a way of living that really works.


An acceleration of human evolution occurs with Divine Openings. Life just naturally gets smoother and easier once your ever-expanding spiritual awakening is under way. You don't have to be "spiritual" or believe anything for Divine Openings to work. You will find evidence, so you won't need faith.

With Divine Openings, many people accomplish all this through our website without ever leaving home. Most people see big changes in weeks once they simply commit, and begin to let go and let The Divine do the heavy lifting. It's easy when you know how to do it, step by simple step.

Your small part? Let it in and learn a few enjoyable keys to sustain it, and unlearn and stop doing all those things that were not working. Interestingly, one of the biggest challenges we see is for people to throw out all the metaphysical cliches, myths, fallacies, and non-effective modalities they were doing that were not getting them there! But once they do, Divine Openings works. 

Your spiritual enlightenment, or deepening of it, happens with an ease you've never experienced before--because since most seekers deeply believe it takes a lot of hard work, that reality plays out for them. Divine Openings is not hard work--it isn't work at all. It's opening and awakening to your Large Self, which is already enlightened and already blissful.

Divine Openings spread around the globe to over a hundred countries by word of mouth. Now authors, teachers, and counselors all around the world use it. On this official site, you'll experience Divine Openings in its original, most powerful form, at maximum potency.

As Divine Openings accelerates spiritual enlightenment, you stop struggling, money becomes a non-issue, the mind becomes your servant, relationships appear or renew, and needs and wants you'd long ago given up on fulfill when your vibration shifts. Decades-old pain, trauma, and "issues" you've worked on incessantly, disappear. Serious illnesses evaporate. We hear miraculous reports every day from every area of life.

Hi Lola, sooo many thanks, things are FINALLY moving... after years of 'knowing' and doing tons of stuff i.e. Abraham Hicks, becoming a Reiki and Munay ki master - and still not finding much real movement, something has clicked, and I'm receiving all sorts of personal insights and feel as though I'm actually starting to embody and live it. I couldn't understand how I could 'know' so much and yet not be able to manifest it in my own life... till now. So, many thanks to your beautiful spirit.  Andrea

Thanks. I have no adequate words to describe it yet. I am just enjoying, enjoying enjoying it all. I am in heaven. I am so positive and full of encouragement and at ease. Cathy Merry Luffy

I have had my miracle that you suggested before I came to your Retreat could happen (healing of Parkinson's disease.)  It is continuing to happen even as we speak.  It is gradual, happening from hour to hour on both the physical and the mental/emotional aspects of myself and of course the spiritual levels as well.  AlLandra

Dear Lola, I've been searching for answers to life for the last 15 years.  I have done numerous vippassana courses and learned all kinds of alternative energy therapy techniques.  I came across your site last night and it all just clicked into place.  I know that I’ve found it! So thank you doesn’t even start to cover it!  I immediately sent for your book and joined the course.  While listening to the first Audio, I was bombarded with energy - quite pleasant, but a bit tiring! You are the most down to earth but "up there" being I have come across,  I am truly grateful.  Lucy



Step into a new paradigm as you read this book and enjoy the unfolding:
Things Are Going Great In My Absence

It just might be the last spiritual or personal development book you'll ever want to read. People in 135 countries are calling it "The Book."
Your ebook sampler (1st two sections of the book) is yours instantly, so you can start reading while waiting for your paperback.

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"I have thrown all my other books away!"
Helen, United Kingdom

"Thank you. I'm reading your book  and I'm thrilled about the marvels Divine Openings does. I've only started reading it a month ago but I already enjoy life so much more. It brings peace not to doubt anymore, or think about what others would think. I feel and listen to myself. Thanks Lola, for enlightening my life and ending my seeking." Love, Milou, Netherlands

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