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Frequently Asked Questions
about Divine Openings



What is Spiritual Enlightenment, and What Is Divine Openings™?

Spiritual enlightenment cannot be gained by reading, learning, studying, thinking, or any intellectual means; it's beyond the mind, and the mind must be slowed or stopped for enlightenment to happen. Language, concepts, the intellect--those heavily defended and fossilized domains of the mind--actually get in the way of enlightenment. Divine Openings literally moves your mind out of the way and opens you to Grace, so that enlightenment can happen.

Spiritual enlightenment is unique for each person, but there are some classic signs. First you stop suffering and struggling. Suffering and struggle are also products of the mind. You'll actually have trouble relating to how you used to manage to suffer, and emotions become valued messengers rather than problems. Issues and challenges resolve quickly, and you soon develop an inner knowing that all is well, no matter what is going on around you.

You wake up and remember who you are, and increasingly know yourself as author of your reality. You get most of your answers from within rather than seeking them outside yourself. You become your own guru or teacher. Your inner genius flowers, and you begin to develop gifts and talents you may not have known you had. You're happy, even when things don't go as you thought they would, but things do go better in general. You get to that place that other people called charmed, but you begin to call it normal. You're in the flow of Life and Grace does most of the work for you. Things show up when you need something. Relationships, money, and health clear up and flow. Many feel as though The Presence is literally moving them through life.

Divine Openings is by design practical spiritual enlightenment.
Divine Openings is personal and spiritual growth and development that works in daily life, as well as bringing spiritual bliss and oneness with The Presence. You don't float off and have trouble functioning in this world, you begin to thrill in this Earth Life.

If your hearts desires it, Divine Openings helps you let it in.
Your life works.

Aren't All Spiritual Energies From The Same Source, So Aren't They All The Same?

They are not all the same, some are much more powerful than others  - as is obvious from the results. They're like different radio stations that vibrate with various frequencies and play different styles of music.

Reiki is on an entirely different frequency than Divine Openings, for example. Some frequencies do certain things well, but not others. Not to pick on Reiki, but its original strength was physical healing, but even that varies wildly depending on the practitioner. We've never seen Reiki produce spiritual enlightenment, nor liberation from emotional or practical life issues like family, relationship, finances, and overall happiness.

Divine Openings impacts all of life at once, not piecemeal, and it does more things well than anything we've ever seen, from awakening, to resolving emotional issues, to opening up practical life success, to physical healing. If we find something better, you will see this site change to reflect that. We are open to what is leading-edge-best.

Another analogy: Some modalities out there have different strengths of dilution. Meaning if Pure Source is a "100% concentrate", some modalities are about a "20% tincture" of Pure Source, so are about 20% effective, leaving much to be "worked on", and perhaps that working on one's self goes on for a very long time.

Divine Openings is a very high concentrate of powerful Energy/Light/Intelligence, and works quickly and en masse. The only variable is how quickly and thoroughly the person commits and stays out of the way. Interesting! The challenge isn't how hard you're willing to work at it-it's how much are you willing to let go and stay out of the way!


How Is Divine Openings Different From Energy Work?

There are millions of types of energy work, so who can say specifically, but generally....

  • Divine Openings is an enlightenment initiation or deepening, not a "healing."
  • A Divine Opening affects you globally, all of you at once. Energy work is usually done to address "a particular issue" or fix something.
  • Energy work is piecemeal, working on one thing at a time. It doesn't usually impact your entire life (globally) like Divine Openings does. Sometimes one Divine Opening changes a person's whole life.
  • YOU can wander off (you have free will) but Divine Openings doesn't wear off. Energy work often wears off or you return to the old vibration the healer changed.
  • Divine Openings puts you on the automatic upgrade program, and you CAN become your own guru, teacher, etc. if you want to. You don't need to keep getting Divine Openings forever unless you just enjoy it. Very often you have to keep getting healing work forever.
  • Once you're awake, you don't need emotional, spiritual, or mental "healing" from someone else. (You might occasionally need physical healing, and Divine Healing can do that, or you can get medical help too if resistance is high.)
  • Divine Openings WAKES YOU UP rather than fixing you or healing your psyche. The issues aren't "healed," they just fade away as you awaken more and more.
  • Energy work is often done by a practitioner who is getting in the way mentally. Divine Openings Givers are "out of the way," operating beyond human consciousness.
  • With energy work there are always more "issues" to deal with. It actually creates more issues by looking for them and focusing on them.

Divine Openings isn't the "only way," but it's the best, easiest, and fastest we've ever experienced. It not only works, but continues to expand automatically if you don't muddle it up, so we're just not uninterested in seeking other stuff. Once you find your True Love, you stop dating (we hope!)


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Divine Openings

is a special type of Divine Grace that activates and supports this enlightenment process, so that you can let in all the good and Grace that is being offered to you every minute. It puts you back in alignment with your Divine Self. You can't put it in a box with energy work or anything else you know. But once you're plugged back into the flow of Life, things get increasingly easier.

It is not energy work. "Energy work" often tunes you up, but then you go back to the old pattern. Divine Openings' effects are permanent, not temporary (although you will still have Free Will, and can choose to stay awake or go back to seeking and thus back to "sleep"). It could be thought of as "a very high frequency information field" rather than just energy, although you may certainly feel energy moving through you.

Divine Openings does activate the flow of kundalini, and other subtle and not-so-subtle energies, but there is more to it than that. You could call it activating "light" and "intelligence" in you. As it is activated, you wake up to who you really are.

Divine Openings melts negativity, issues, problems, and limitations away. It bypasses the long, arduous work of therapy and most spiritual paths. The Divine Opening begins to dissolve and melt everything that isn't you. Lower vibrations are raised en masse, yet the process is usually gentle, immediately uplifting, and comforting. Most people feel increased inner connection, peace, and relief from life's stresses after only one session. Many experience profound bliss. It increases with each session or course. Life gets better and better.

There are two parts to Divine Openings, which makes it different, and more practical than many other types of Grace blessings:

1. The Grace part, which does 90% of it for you
2. Learning to use your Free Will, which is your 10%

Grace does most of the work, but the conscious mind teachings to help you use your Free Will to maximum benefit, and retrain your mind to stay out of the way. Divine Openings gives you everything you need -- the Grace, and the know-how to keep it flowing.

Over time, you're freed from the dominance and limitation of the mind and emotions. Your limited small self takes a back seat, and your unlimited Large Self gets in the driver's seat. And once that happens, life gets really good, and continues to get better and better, easier and easier, without "working on yourself" -- at all! Working on yourself is old paradigm, and is OVER.


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Who Is Lola Jones?

Spiritual Enlightenment through Divine Openings with Lola Jones

Lola Jones is a teacher with powerful God-given gifts to soothe, heal, enlighten, and catalyze rapid, lasting change. She also initiates others to do what she does.

A powerful and tangible attunement is received just by spending time hearing her speak or being with her for a period of time. Many experience it as energy, tingling, vibrating in their body. Others just feel uplifted or blissful, and some might get angry or upset as energy moves. Many people report being drenched in bliss after reading her articles or book, gazing at her Divine Energy infused art, receiving a hug, or talking with her on the phone. You receive pure Divine Energy, not Lola's energy.

You've probably heard of saints and teachers like Amma and Sai Baba who can do this. Some call the gift bringing down the Holy Spirit, rapture, quickening, awakening, "darshan," or the return of the Christ Consciousness.

What you call it is irrelevant, as The Divine is The Divine is The Divine in any language, religion, or non-religion. God isn't picky about the titles and labels! (big grin) Lola has even awakened atheists. Really! (bigger grin)

Any powerful teacher just helps the student hold attunement to the higher vibration until the student can maintain it themselves.

While Lola's been teaching spiritual development for decades, this gift unfolded  after she spent 21 days in silent communion only with The Divine in India in March, 2006. It was the most delicious 21 days of her life, and changed her reality profoundly.

Lola has been an ordained non-denominational minister for seventeen years. See Bio page for more detailed background info on her "previous lives".

Her most recent development is creating original music that gives Divine Openings. It ranges from entertaining, to sweetly moving, to taking you into deep states.


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What Happens In The Divine Openings Live Retreat Courses?

You state your challenges, desires and intentions, either out loud, or inwardly. Lola 'gets out of the way' and The Divine Presence speaks and radiates powerfully through her to give you exactly what you need. It's beyond what the mind can comprehend, and what happens isn't explainable in logical terms. You get coaching and answers, but a vast process is going on underneath the apparent simplicity of the course, such that you may not realize just how powerful it was until you go back out into the world and notice how you are different.

You ask questions and receive Divinely guided answers that will serve you in every area of life, for the rest of your life. But again, you are transformed at the core just by being bathed in the powerful Divine Intelligence that pervades the seminar. You begin to reattune to the flow of life that answers all needs. The effects are beyond what appears to be happening in the course.

You do receive hands-on Divine Openings from Lola and any Divine Openings Givers who might be assisting. Live Divine Openings are quite profound. They cause an awakening to your own internal Divine Self, and issues begin to melt away without work. The changes you desire just naturally flower inexplicably out of this process.

You learn to apply the methods and call on that Grace on your own, which truly frees you.


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How Long Will It Take For Me To See Big Changes?

Some people light up instantly, and only need one course or even one session. They go off and have their happy life. Some take months and all three levels of courses. It is not up to Lola. It's up to you how long it takes, but you can help speed the process. We'll tell you how and give you all the tools.

Most let go quickly, and enjoy the journey so much that they stop asking, "Are we THERE yet???" The more you relax, the faster it can go! Commit to whatever timetable it takes for you, and don't compare yourself to others.

The only possible way to fail to get it is to stop too soon, before you've shifted or stabilized. Keep going for a good while even after you feel fabulous. Then you'll sustain it better.

Our goal is for you to become inner-guided as soon as possible. You are free when you can receive most of the guidance you need from within, and keep your vibration up consistently and ride the waves when you do dip. You'll know when you're there: the questions, suffering, and doubts in life disappear. If you're wondering if you're enlightened, you're not there yet. Relax and enjoy the journey. Every step of this journey is good!




Does It Always Work?

This is similar to asking if gravity always works, or if the tide always comes back in. Universal Laws operate reliably, where New Age theories, therapies, and paths do not always work. Divine Openings isn't just a theory or an intellectual construct, nor is it merely a collection of techniques. Divine Openings awakens you to self-evident Universal Laws. Yes, Divine Openings works, if a person uses it.

While Divine Openings is as close to a miraculous and effortless as we have seen, you have Free Will. It is still up to you to commit, enjoy, relax as much as you can, and allow it in. You must say yes to it. Then, it's up to you to practice the principles until your life is as you want it to be, and until you have stabilized at the new level.

Be consistent in your practice of Divine Openings, and receive regular Divine Openings until you have mastered life. Then at some point many of you will no longer need much outside teaching, healing, or guidance in the spiritual and psychological realms. You are free!

It is clear when you've reached that mastery: quite simply, life is great in all areas from relationships to money to spiritual connection. Most of your needs are answered from within and you don't have to depend on healers, teachers, books, seminars, or psychics for answers. Of course, others in our lives bring gifts and needed information to us, but essentially you are free of desperate seeking and the need to have someone fix, heal, cleanse, or clear you.

It is highly recommended that you do Divine Openings for at least six months, if not for a lifetime! Commit to one thing at a time, even if it's not this, so you can tell what works. Then you'll be clear on what you to keep doing and what to drop.

Something that works should result in increased happiness, health, inner peace, and clarity within weeks. By six months you should be living in a whole new world!

This is a process, albeit the easiest process we've ever seen. Gentle is good. You would probably not enjoy it if all your old conditioning, programming, and stagnant energy moved out all at once today.

Effects of even one session continue to unfold for months/years. The effects do not "fade" although you may encounter new layers as you unfold. All gains are permanent.


Read this if you've felt nothing during your Divine Openings



Who is Divine Openings for?

It's for anyone who wants to reclaim all their power and fulfill their full potential. It's for successful happy people as well as those in pain and struggle. Lola has personal experience with struggle, slumps, and even depression in her past, and overcame it by learning to raise her own vibration, which changes the chemistry of the brain. Now she uses it daily to achieve new heights, enjoy life more, and help others do the same.

As you quickly advance in this work, nothing in material reality holds any power over you. You discover the magnificent, creative, unlimited being that you are. Lola has helped people get off anti-depressants and alcohol; to release dependence on outer circumstances, people, and things, and start feeling good naturally, beyond any high they've experienced before.... with no downside.

Everyone over 18 can receive Divine Openings except pregnant women after 6 months. People suffering from serious psychological illness or serious addictions receive special healing sessions first. Then you can proceed with Divine Openings.

Those under 18 are given Divine Energy transfers that increase their optimal functioning, intelligence, focus, confidence, and success in life, but they do not receive enlightenment activation until age 18. Lola does special work for teens, and they love it. They move very quickly.


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Do I have to believe in something or someone?


There are no gurus or go-betweens. You will simply have a deeper and more direct experience of your Creator. There is no one to "follow." People of all faiths and no faith at all benefit. Lola has even worked with atheists, who do have "an experience" of something within, even if they don't choose to call it God.

Helpful practical teachings are given to help you until The Divine in you is fully  in the driver's seat. The Divine Energy transfer awakens the sleeping Divine Intelligence that already exists within you, and within all human beings. All you do is enjoy the unique flowering of your own heart.

Lola's intention is for you to become mostly inner guided as soon as possible. The speed at which people achieve that varies by individual. Some receive teaching from Lola for over a year, others become liberated within weeks. There is no one right way or right timing. Your inner access to the Divine increases with each contact with Divine Openings, whether live, or through this site or the book.

Lola is not looking for "followers" and actually discourages it. She asks that you do "stay the course" and keep studying with her and applying the processes for as long as you need to to stabilize and maintain. Play in the online community, attend courses, read and reread the book until you are "beyond unsinkable". Then if you still enjoy the Divine Openings community, stay in touch!



How is the Divine Opening done?

1. When in person, usually by receiving a hug, touching the crown of your head for about 1 minute, or in a large group, by intentional transmission.
2. By hearing Lola or another Divine Openings Giver speak in person or on the phone, or being in proximity to her or them for a period of time.
3. An even stronger form is given through the eyes, in person, in the advanced work.
4. It is transmitted through art, music, the written word, or virtually any medium.
5. It is infused in the land at City View Ranch. You might think of it as a vortex, which we "installed." (You can do such things after you take the 5 Day Initiation to give Divine Openings. We know. We used to think such things were hogwash.)



What does the Divine Opening do?

It initiates enlightenment. The "information" in the Divine Opening catalyzes changes in your entire being that eventually free you from the interference of the mind. When you are no longer run by the mind’s limitations, clouded perceptions, fears, emotions, interpretations and judgments, a natural clarity of perception occurs, with accompanying spontaneous feelings of joy, inner calmness and connection to the Oneness in everything. 

It has long been observed that the brain wave patterns of enlightened masters were different than those of other people. Regular people have, until now, struggled to try and sustain enlightened thinking and functioning. Now, through Divine Grace, it's possible for everyone to have that same type of brain function, naturally, without effort.

Over time, the energy softens and melts away negativity, hurt, anger, fear, unworthiness, karma, old conditioning, beliefs, and any lower vibration that is not your true essence. You simply find yourself being, feeling, and acting different. At first it feels miraculous, but soon it feels natural -- because it is the true, natural you!



What might I experience right after a Divine Opening?

Experiences vary, sometimes very dramatic and strong, sometimes subtle, sometimes delayed until many days later. Occasionally, nothing is consciously perceived in the first few transfers or beyond, but be assured that you are being worked on at a deep level. Changes may occur in your life in the weeks following. Some people require a number of Divine Openings to begin to feel it or see changes. It often works underground before the effects show on the surface. Of course, many have profoundly obvious effects immediately. Part of it depends on your level of resistance, and miles on the spiritual path are no guarantee that your resistance has lowered at all! But Divine Openings eventually melts even the strongest resistance if that is your desire.

Common reactions include tingling or vibrating sensations, bliss and joy, miraculous events, temporary headaches, heat, conking out, bliss, laughter, becoming energized, emotions rising out of nowhere, then passing, and life situations coming to a head. Occasionally very strong negative emotions arise for no apparent reason. But if none of this is resisted, it all passes  quickly, leaving you feeling great, and with new options opening up.

You're given all the tools you need.

You can trust that the process is perfect --  designed by Divine Grace, uniquely for you, and will lead gradually (or sometimes quickly) to your Awakening. Some experience rapid enlightenment, while most receive Divine Openings over time for a more gradual transformation. You are unique.

The changes the awakening process brings are unfamiliar and can sometimes be perplexing at first, but with a bit of guidance and the teachings of Divine Openings, it can be quite easy. The book is indispensible to the process and is included with all courses. Learn more about the book.



Who can offer Divine Openings to others?

It can be activated by those who have received the full training and initiation, which prepares the giver to handle the exceptionally intense energy that is invoked with balance and stability. They must give the highest quality standard, as close as possible to that of Lola Jones, the creator of Divine Openings. They are psychologically, emotionally, and physically successful, and are spiritually prepared to hold the proper field of resonance.

Lola's team trains Certified Guides and Lola initiates them to give Divine Openings.



How is this related to The Secret and the Law of Attraction work?

Divine Openings includes some of those teachings and more in the conscious mind part of the course.

Divine Grace overrides Law Of Attraction, even karma and other forces. People often say that they had difficulty with Law of Attraction working for them .... until Divine Openings. That's Divine Grace at work.

When you fully "wake up," you will simply walk away from the old realities. You'll reclaim your power to create your reality "outside The Matrix," beyond the illusions we've always been taught to believe, and that society continues to live by. You will see clearly how all your unwanted manifestations were created. You will learn precisely how to let in what you want.

For years before Divine Openings, Lola had been mystified by some of her own creations ("Yikes, I couldn't have created THAT!") and like many of us, had become skeptical of all the claims that we really do create our own reality.

For all the talk about "raising your vibration" has it seemed like there was no clear, sure-fire way to do it? Now there is a step by step process, and The Divine helps you. No more mystery about how and why things in life happen the way they do. The only mystery that remains is the beautiful Divine mystery that can never quite be comprehended by the mind, but can only be felt by the heart.



What about past life karma I must pay, or childhood wounds?

Divine Openings frees you from all of that. Karma is an outdated concept, similar to the concept that God is judgmental and angry. Divine Openings frees you from karma, completely, and all at once.

Childhood wounds are melted away with Divine Openings, without any work or processing. One looks back and shakes one's head at all the years spent working on "childhood and parent issues". Thinking that it takes a long time is a trick of the mind that keeps humanity in bondage. It happens very quickly with Divine Openings.

More on other "metaphysical stuff". Other programs, paths, and topics, and how Divine Openings does or does not relate.




What if I don't believe in anything "spiritual"?

It doesn't matter. Divine Openings works whether you believe anything or not, and you'll get your own evidence as you go. If you say, "I don't believe in gravity," the laws of the Universe still affect you whether you believe in them or not, so it's wise to learn how they work. Try Divine Openings with an open mind--but not so open that your brains fall out--there is a lot of metaphysical stuff out there that does not work.

Rather than "working on issues" and problems, processing emotions, and analyzing problems mentally, as we did in the old paradigm, Divine Openings has you wake up to the aspect of you that is already super-conscious. That's why we call it awakening and opening, not healing.

The power of it astounds the spiritually advanced and atheist alike, because the Non-Physical aspect of you is there--the only variable is "to what degree are you tapped into it?" It's what keeps the miraculous functions of your body orchestrated. It's the larger part of your wisdom, power, and genius, and freely offers you its vast resources.

Personal growth and development accelerates effortlessly with this direct experience of the invisible Non-Physical life at the source of our physical reality.




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