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  • Your new confidence
  • The easy conversational tone of the book, like talking with a friend
  • The humor
  • The practical ideas you've never heard before
  • The new definition of success in dating


"You'd have to read 20 other books to find this much practical, down to earth wisdom on dating and relationships, plus you laugh out loud, a great attitude to get into for dating."

Dating To Change Your Life Is Packed With Valuable Know-How

You'll find information in this book you quite simply won't see anywhere else.

Lola Jones has studied with relationship experts, and has become one herself. She has lectured, coached, and inspired thousands of people in business and in their personal lives, and helped them to have more fulfilling lives. Lola found that dating is a prime opportunity to grow and expand yourself, over and above the opportunity to find your love.

This book shows you how to enjoy being single more, as well as how to find your love, because happy people find healthier relationships, and they last longer. When you show up happier, more complete --- your chances of lasting love increase.


You'll want to talk about it with your friends,
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Now you'll laugh together and share fun stories
rather than commiserating about failed dates
and broken hearts!


Dating and Personal Development Quiz:

  • Are you clear on who is a good match for you?
  • Would you like to be at peace about past relationships ending?
  • Have you let go of any old out-dated ways of choosing mates? 
  • Are you wanting to feel better about yourself as a good catch?
  • Are you wanting to upgrade your dating choices... and results?



  • Increase your self esteem quickly
  • Become more confident and selective
  • Stop relying on meeting people in bars, but become more attractive everywhere you go
  • Be able to get more dates than you want or need
  • Be inspired by success stories
  • Create your plan for success
  • Enjoy being single more


Here are just a few chapter titles:

People Who Are Not Ready, But Think They Are - Most of the people out there dating are not yet ready for a relationship..... here's how to tell who is, and how not to take it personally if they're not ready.  How to know if you are really ready and why that matters...

Never Feel Rejected Again, Really - There's an easy secret to never feeling rejected again. You can use this is other areas of life as well...

Reframing Success in Dating - Is success getting lots of dates, getting married, getting laid? You'll find a surprising answer that sets you free…

Online Dating Glossary, With Translations - What do they really mean when they say things. How to read between the lines...

Chemistry 101 - Chemistry and sexual attraction are unreliable indicators of a match. Here's how to handle that wisely and choose a mate that works for you and leads to happiness....

I Didn't Always Know This Stuff - It's OK if you don't know much about dating or the opposite sex, life is for learning, and this book is a giant step....

Some Truths Are Truer Than Others - You're unique. Here's how to make the most of this information ....and make it fit YOU…..

The Power of the Mirror - Another easy secret that will open your eyes to what is really going on when someone is ugly to you, or things go wrong .....

Accelerated Dating - Why dating is such a valuable personal learning opportunity and how to take maximum advantage of it ....

Gender - Why this book is for men and women equally.....

Writing Your Online Profile - You could spend $100-200 on a "profile consultant" or personal matchmaker and still not improve your profile this much….. Don't hire one till you read this book.

Making and Choosing Online Profile Photos - The photo you choose can make or break your success, and if you don't show a photo.... people will think you're in the witness protection program, married, or your face breaks cameras... and much more...


Every chapter is full of meaty, practical advice you can use today,
and humor to help you enjoy life and dating more.

Not theory. Real life.


More Reader Comments:

"Gives some direction during dating - allowing for a more spiritual and intellectual foundation for a possible connection. I am one year out of a 38 yr. marriage - for someone like me this reading is helpful - to be witness to someone that has been there, and getting the perspective from a woman's view is beneficial." Dan F., investor

"It's super-condensed wisdom, and it applies to other areas of life too." Bob D, singer/songwriter

"Hi Lola, Got the it last nite...yes, its interesting, instructive and provocative, prescriptive, and importantly, authentic. I was expecting it to be heavily slanted to analysis and was pleasantly surprised at the how to's, which were practical and interesting." Ed